The Values of Off2Class – Inclusivity

Off2Class believes in providing equal access to opportunities and resources for everyone. We do not believe in leaving people on the margins. We welcome people of all backgrounds, of every shape and size.


In this blog entry, the sixth in our series discussing the Values of Off2Class, we look at Inclusivity. We encourage you to look at our previous entries on Entrepreneurship, Internationalism, Competitiveness, Progressiveness, and Compassion.

Off2Class is a learning platform with users and their students from all parts of the world. Hence, it is vital that everyone feels welcomed, supported and respected when using Off2Class. English is now firmly embedded as a world language and, for better or for worse, this means that a strong command of English is necessary to access an increasing number of domains. At Off2Class, we are proud to play our part in widening accessibility to learning, careers, and prosperity by providing an Inclusive platform.

Inclusivity and Off2Class

We are the opposite of ‘cool’. Education does not glisten and glitter. It doesn’t value celebrity nor does it invite drama. No one needs to be anything but their true self to be a valued member of our team. Everyone knows what it’s like to feel where you don’t belong, and that’s not an arena in which you can flourish and develop. You don’t need a label in our team because we are all valued as part of a whole whose sum is much, much greater than its parts.

James Heywood, Co-founder

Off2Class is committed to helping English teachers and students from all over the world –but not in a traditional way. Our company is all about recognizing diversity at all levels and reflecting it through a product that encourages inclusion in a society that needs it more than ever.

At Off2Class, we understand that our students are diverse and come from different backgrounds. Inclusion is at the heart of everything we do. The diversity of our team is key to our success. When diversity is a fact, inclusion becomes the real challenge and that is why there are different backgrounds, languages and cultures intertwined within Off2Class’ team.

Laura, Team Member

When I think of inclusivity, I think of the clients. Students tagged as ESL students are often embarrassed about being pulled out of core curriculum classes to attend ESL-specific classes. Many are essentially paraded out of the classroom, making it obvious that they are excluded from the rest of their native English-speaking classmates. Understandably, many ESL students perceive their classification as an embarrassing stigma. By providing an expeditious route to English fluency, thereby helping students to “reclassify” as non-ESL students and join their classmates full-time, Off2Class provides a clear pass to inclusivity. To my mind, inclusivity may be the value we live up to the most.

Gareth, Team Member

Inclusivity-focused lessons

Take a look at these Inclusivity-focused lessons from our Lesson Library:

S315 – Ramadan (B1+): As one of the world’s major religions, the month of Ramadan is observed by millions of people around the world. This intermediate-level speaking lesson considers how traditions vary in different cultures and how mutual understanding underpins Inclusivity.

R114 – Giant Kite Festival (A2): All cultures have festivals of one kind or another. Yet, precisely what, when and how we celebrate varies greatly. This elementary-level reading lesson considers the Giant Kite Festival, a Guatemalan special celebration that takes place annually.

S439 – The unifying power of sports (B2): Perhaps the greatest strength of sports is their ability to bring together people from all cultures and backgrounds. In this upper intermediate speaking lesson, students explore examples of how sports have been able to promote Inclusivity.

Over to you

This blog has looked at some examples of Inclusivity, what it means to us, and how it continues to guide Off2Class. However, our experiences are only part of the story. What does Inclusivity mean to you? What does it look like in your classroom? And how can we ensure that Inclusivity is maximized for all? Please share your stories with us in the comments section or our official Off2Class Facebook group!

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