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onboard new ESL students

10 practical tips on how to onboard new ESL students in 2017

This week we are very happy to welcome Cecilia Nobre to the Off2Class blog! Cecilia is an avid ELT blogger, online teacher, and runs several online teacher communities in Brazil. It's a new year and we all need some inspiration to get moving after the holiday slowdown. Cecilia's going to share her tips to onboard new[...]

Online Teacher Story: Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

This week in our freelance ESL teacher profile we have co-founder of Off2Class, James Heywood. James started teaching online four years ago. He found it challenging to live a healthy lifestyle while teaching online. Hours behind a computer started to take their toll. Take it away James! When you read about online teaching, most articles focus[...]

trial ESL students

How to convert your trial ESL students into customers

My name is Kris Jagasia and I work on product development here at Off2Class. In this role I have the opportunity to interview and spend time with teachers at every angle of the ELT spectrum. The sheer diversity of teachers I come into contact with is what keeps my job interesting. Yet overall, it’s my work[...]

using email to find ESL students

The Teacher Guide to using email to find ESL students

Welcome to our latest post in our Teaching English Online series! This week, we're hosting Elena Mutonono. Elena coaches teachers on how to build up their online teaching businesses. Elena has kindly prepared a comprehensive guide to using email to find ESL students. Take it away Elena! 'Today I'd like to provide you with some[...]


How to find students on italki

We've hosted a number of articles and webinars with a theme on growing an online ESL teaching business. Recently, we've explored how to grow by leveraging the popular tutor marketplace: italki. Today, I would like to consolidate a number of these pieces into our definitive guide on how to find students on italki!  For those of you[...]


Being an Online ESL Teacher: What I love!

I have done many things in my life but few have been as rewarding as being an online ESL teacher. Watching my students blossom to the point where they can carry on entire conversations in English is something special. I was raised in China with an American mother and a Canadian father and grew up[...]


How to get Online students: 30 students in 30 days

Welcome to the 6th instalment of our Entrepreneurial ESL Teacher Story series where we highlight teachers from the Off2Class community that are growing their own independent teaching businesses. Today, Chris Rush who has been teaching Business English online since 2012 at Better Business English is going to share his story of how to get online students[...]


Why online ESL teachers lose students

When I started as an online ESL teacher the concept of online teaching was still relatively nascent.  There were not so many easy to find resources available for figuring out what worked and what didn’t for other online ESL teachers. Most of my professional development as an online ESL teacher was primarily done through trial[...]


4 Essential Tools for Online ESL Teachers

Technology is getting better and better and that means it is easier than ever to stay on top of your student's ESL progression even if your students are on the other side of the world. In many cases we online ESL teachers live far away from our students and do not get the standard face-to-face time[...]


Motivating online ESL students: 5 Tips

Teaching ESL online can be an extremely rewarding job... In your daily routine you'll be working with students in many different geographies and with very different motivations for learning English. You will be able to help people interact with their world around them in different ways.  As we discussed last week, one of the keys[...]

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