In 2014, Serdar, Kris and, James joined forces to create Off2Class.

‘We couldn’t find teacher-led lesson content for our own online ESL lessons, so we decided to create some of our own. At the time, teaching English online was nascent, and nobody had thought about redesigning traditional materials and software for the power of the 21st-century classroom. We built a website, loaded our first lessons, and soon discovered that our ESL teacher community was hungry for more.

A few years have passed, and with constant feedback from the community, our team has expanded its offering and grown. We remain passionate about ESL education, and we want teachers to deliver the best ESL experience to their students, in an online digital world. Today, Off2Class comprises a diverse multicultural team that speaks 14 languages and spans three continents.

You’ll notice below that we haven’t listed our job titles. That’s because everyone at Off2Class, whether it’s the CEO or an intern remains involved in customer service. Our titles aren’t important when we’re helping you locate the right content five minutes before your first online ESL lesson! Rest assured, we are here to serve you the best we can. We think it keeps us on track to building a product we’re proud of, and one that we hope you can be proud of too.’

Meet the team

We're a motivated, passionate and diverse bunch.


"I love teaching and mentoring other teachers. Outside work, I enjoy cycling, walking, and searching for the perfect vegan burger!"


"Helping others brings me the greatest joy. It's what inspired me to become a teacher. It's what drives me to support districts today."


"I'm a traveling English teacher turned marketer, and I love working with other teachers to help them be at their best."


"I enjoy playing soccer, biking, card games, living frugally, and recently, doing almost none of those things as I raise two toddlers."


"Living and learning through the eyes of our three year old, cycling and golfing are the things I enjoy most in life."


“I have always believed that e-learning is a powerful tool to connect and provide quality education to people at a global scale.”


"I like to run, swim and cycle. I don't like to sit still. I look forward to living on a farm, growing vegetables and owning a cat."


"Kindness, beautiful sunsets and my parents are the most important things to me. Everything else is secondary."


“I am a lifelong learner, in constant search of the perfect wave. I love teaching, cooking, surfing, and spending time with my family.”


"Running, climbing, and hiking are a few of my favourite activities. I am always driven to apply myself and learn new skills"


“I enjoy learning new things, meeting new people and exploring the world. I dream of owning an alpaca farm one day and growing my own food.”


"I like adventure sports, travel and challenging pursuits like learning to surf and teaching English to my overseas nephew!"


"Plants, sun, being in or around water, lifting heavy things, and dancing in my kitchen with my daughters are a few of my favourite things."


"My favourite thing in life is to help people realize their passions. An ideal Sunday is spent reading Rumi with my cat Kipling."


"I am a curious person with a passion for people and painting. I love adventuring outside, volunteering and trying new foods."


"My only two goals in life are to convince everyone that Eminem is the greatest rapper, and that tabs are better than spaces."


"Apart from English teaching, my passions include flamenco, gardening on my balcony and watching RuPaul's Drag Race."


"When I'm not writing code, I can be found on a bike or playing a bunch of musical instruments such as the guitar or flute."


"I love coding, spicy food, discovering rock bands, reading Stephen King, and the peace and quiet of gardening (in Minecraft)."

Our mission

Off2Class is here to make the world of language learning a better place for teachers and students.


We know that teachers remain the essential ingredient in language learning. Real proficiency in a foreign language cannot be reached without the guidance of a teacher. Off2Class keeps the teacher at the heart of a student’s language learning adventure.


We create content that can be used in a variety of ways to a diverse range of learners. Our content is adaptive rather than prescriptive. It allows teachers to provide a personalized lesson to their individual students and classes.


Off2Class creates interactive content for the digital age. By re-working our lesson content based on your feedback we can all contribute to making the world of teaching ESL a better place.

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