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Launch your ESL toolkit!

All accounts start with a 30-day free teacher trial with no commitment to purchase.

For Schools and Teams
For Individual Teachers


Need teachers and students on a unified platform? We'll customize one to meet your institution’s needs:
  • Administration panel to control student-teacher rosters and class groupings
  • Create accounts by CSV upload
  • Lesson and homework history reports
  • Teacher training (webinar-style)

We work with institutions like yours (K12, Higher Education, Private ESL Institutes, NGOs).
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For Individual Teachers
Starting at

Standard Teacher

Per month billed yearly or $8 month-to-month
2 active student capacity.

  • General English Lesson Library
  • Placement Test (Grammar Section Only)
  • Unlimited single-student classes
  • Build canvases in real time
  • Chat support (3 business days)




Partial Whitelabel 
Full Whitelabel 
One-2-one coaching 
For Individual Teachers
Starting at

Premium Teacher

Per month billed yearly or $16 month-to-month
2 active student capacity.

  • + IELTS, TOEFL, Business English, Curriculum
  • + Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking Sections
  • Unlimited group classes
  • Save unlimited canvases for later use
  • Prioritized chat support (1 business day)



Partial Whitelabel 
Full Whitelabel 
One-2-one coaching 


Do you automatically renew subscriptions? What about cancellations?

Yes, all subscriptions on Off2Class automatically renew, but you can cancel up to the day before your next billing date and you won’t be billed again. You will retain access to the site until your current subscription expires. You can view your next billing date on your account page.

Can I change my subscription after purchasing it?

You can upgrade to a new subscription at any time. Unused credit from your existing subscription is subtracted from the cost of your new subscription. Likewise, you can downgrade your subscription at any time. We credit your account with any unused credit on the change, and we apply the unused credit on future subscription payments.

What do you mean by ‘active student capacity’?

Adding students to Off2Class allows you to teach your students lessons (they follow your lesson content and interact with it in real-time), assign homework and track progress. You can activate and de-activate students as you need, but your total number of active students is limited by the subscription you select.

What if I need a subscription with more than 50 active students?

We’d be happy to customize a high-use plan for you! Get in contact with us here to get started.

What currency do you use for payments?

All payments are in USD($).

Is it safe to use my card on your site?

Absolutely. We don’t store your card details on our site. We use a payment processor called Stripe. They are PCI compliant and are used by some of the best-known brands in the world such as The Guardian, Target, Yelp, and Pinterest.

Are there limits on how many lessons I can teach?

No. Teach your Active Students as much as you want!

Are there limits on how much homework I can send my students?

No. Send your Active Students as much homework as you want!

What’s involved in the One-2-one coaching add-on option?

If you’d like to kick-start your use of Off2Class we offer one-2-one coaching with our friendly teacher trainers. The sessions are 1 hour long, by video conference and cost $75. We’ll find a mutually agreeable time and coordinate via email or the in-app messenger. We’ll record the session and provide it to you for your reference. We can structure the session to meet your needs. Are you thinking of launching an online ESL school? Great! We can advise on that. Are you planning on using Off2Class with a large group of students this semester? Fantastic, we’ll focus on classroom strategies!

Will you ever contact my students?

We will never send your students promotional or marketing material. Never. You have the choice to send email notifications to students to alert them to class enrolments and homework assignments.

Can I trust you with my data? What about my student data?

We take your privacy very seriously. Our guiding principle is that your data belongs to you and we only use it to deliver our service to you. You are not required to enter any personally identifiable information to use Off2Class. You can read more about this on our privacy policy.


Is there a discount for yearly subscriptions?

Yes. Yearly subscriptions are 40% cheaper than 12 x a monthly subscription. Most Teachers at Off2Class opt for yearly billing to avoid losing access if a monthly payment transaction fails. We know most teachers don’t teach continuously for 12 months without a break, which is why we offer a 40% discount!

How does the free trial work?

All new Teachers have access to Off2Class for 30 days. No credit card required. Only one free trial is allowed per Teacher and the free trial begins after setting up an account. You can send our Placement Test 2 times and you can still send those tests after the end of the free trial. Access to our Games is unlimited and does not expire after 30 days.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept VISA, American Express or MasterCard, Debit and Credit cards, from any country. If your card fails when making a purchase on our site, it’s best to call your bank and ask them why they’ve blocked a payment from Off2Class. Asking your bank to ‘whitelist’ Off2Class resolves 95% of card issues.

Do you accept PayPal?

We can organize a payment through PayPal for a yearly subscription. Get in contact here to set this up.

What is the Whitelabel add-on option?

There are two Whitelabel add-on options at Off2Class that can be added to any subscription: Partial and Full. If you opt for Partial Whitelabel, you’ll be able to place your logo on the platform interfaces, homework assignments, placement tests, your own unique login pages and your own printable student achievement certificates. Full Whitelabel includes all elements of the Partial as well as the ability to use your own domain (rather than, placement of your logo on the lesson content and delivery of student notifications from a generic address (rather than from

How do the Whitelabel add-on fees work?

Whitelabel fees are a one-time payment (unlike Subscriptions, which are paid monthly or yearly). The features included in the Whitelabel add-ons do not expire. For example, if you opt for a Full Whitelabel, then cancel your subscription and return a year later, your logo will still appear on the platform, and you can continue to run Off2Class on your own domain when you purchase your new subscription.

Can I change my Whitelabel option after selecting one?

You cannot downgrade your Whitelabel option (e.g. from Full to Partial), but you can upgrade your Whitelabel option at any time (e.g. from Partial to Full). In such an instance, the fee you paid for the Partial Whitelabel is subtracted from the cost of the Full Whitelabel.

What size should my logo be for the Whitelabel options?

The maximum pane size for the logo is 260 pixels width x 80 pixels height. For clarity and prominence, ensure your logo takes up most of the space within the parameters. For the best effect, we recommend using a transparent logo. If you don’t have a transparent logo, try a free converter.

What technical requirements are needed to use my own domain? What’s involved in setting up?

You need a Linux server which supports PHP + Apache with mod_rewrite support; most basic hosting services are set up this way. You need to upload 2 files to your server. It’s a simple task, though you may require support from your hosting provider or a server-side developer.

Do you provide installation services if I want to use my own domain?

We provide detailed instructions, but we do not provide technical support to load the 2 files to your server. For this reason, we recommend having some technical support from your hosting provider or a server-side developer.