ESL Lesson Plan Downloads

Welcome to the Off2Class ESL Lesson Plan Downloads page. Our team has been building lesson plans for online ESL lessons for many years. As a way to give back to our community, we wanted to release some ESL lesson plan downloads to you.

These are the actual lessons that you can find in your Off2Class accounts! We’ve included lessons across many of our categories including Business English, IELTS, Verbs, and much more.

What makes our ESL lesson plans different? Firstly, we’re all about a teacher-led approach. These downloads are designed to be led by a teacher in real-time. Secondly, we built these lessons specifically for online and screen-enabled classrooms. They are digitally native! Finally, they are free! Enjoy and share with your colleagues.

Verb Tenses Lesson Plans

Teaching the Future with Will – A Lesson Plan for ESL Teachers

Teaching the simple future tense - or the future with will - is usually a...

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Verb Tenses Lesson Plans

Teaching the Past Perfect Simple – A Lesson Plan for Teachers

The past perfect simple is a complex verb tense that usually intimidates new English learners....

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Nouns Lesson Plans

Teaching Demonstrative Pronouns the Easy Way

In this post, we will talk about teaching demonstrative pronouns. We’ll talk about what they...

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Verb Tenses Lesson Plans

Teaching Used To: To Talk About the Past

In this post, we are going to discuss teaching used to to talk about repeated...

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Phrasal Verbs Lesson Plans

Phrasal Verbs – An Introductory Lesson for Your ESL Class

“I love learning phrasal verbs!” said no student, ever. Phrasal verbs are debatably one of...

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Prepositions Lesson Plans

Teaching Prepositions of Time and Place – the Easy Way

In this post, we’ll discuss teaching prepositions - specifically prepositions with time and place. Pre...

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Vocabulary Lesson Plans

Vocabulary for ESL Students – Six Lesson Plans to Get Started

In this post, we will discuss vocabulary for ESL students, and introduce six free lesson...

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Speaking Activities Lesson Plans

Six Free ESL Lesson Plans to Get your Students Speaking!

Today, we'll introduce six free lesson plans that are designed to get your ESL students...

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Functional Language Lesson Plans

Planning Your Vacation – An ESL Lesson Plan

Add new lesson In this post, we will introduce a lesson plan that will get...

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