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Off2Class ESL Content

Off2Class ESL Content Turns Two Years Old!

Off2Class ESL Content has turned two years old and our dream is closer to reality. Many of you have been with us since Off2Class was in its testing phase, and we want to thank you for sticking around as we have grown. It’s a great journey. We are a true online company, serving teachers and[...]

ESL Lesson Plan Download

ESL Lesson Plan Download – Possessive Adjectives

Welcome to Off2Class! We've had repeated requests from teachers in the Off2Class community to release an ESL Lesson Plan Download from our content library. We're proud to announce that we've released an ESL Lesson Plan download covering Possessive Adjectives! The Off2Class Lesson Plan download is a complete lesson from the vast ESL Lesson Library on[...]

A new Off2Class is Here!

Welcome to 2017! We are excited to announce that the New Year brings a new Off2Class! Our 'Live Mode' classroom is now available for all teachers and students on Off2Class. This interactive classroom allows you and your students to manipulate and edit the Off2Class lesson content library during your lessons. This is a game changer[...]

ESL Teaching Niche

Building Your ESL Teaching Niche: Interview – Lou Page

Meet Lou Page! Lou is an ESL teacher with 40 years of experience in Papua New Guinea and Australia. Lou tells us his fascinating story of building an ESL teaching niche for his latest project - La San English - in Vietnam. Focusing on a niche (i.e. a specific type of ESL student) allows us to[...]

'live mode' classroom

Off2Class 2.0 – ‘Live Mode’ Classroom is Here!

We're thrilled to announce that Off2Class 2.0 is here! Our new 'live mode' classroom has been rolled out to our beta testing group and we're excited to tell you all about it! We're calling our new classroom 'Live Mode' as you can now edit and interact with our content live, with your students. All existing[...]

Online Teacher Story: Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

This week in our freelance ESL teacher profile we have co-founder of Off2Class, James Heywood. James started teaching online four years ago. He found it challenging to live a healthy lifestyle while teaching online. Hours behind a computer started to take their toll. Take it away James! When you read about online teaching, most articles focus[...]

ESL Teacherpreneur

ESL Teacherpreneur Stories – Teryn and Dan

Welcome to the 7th installment of our ESL Teacherpreneur series! This is where we highlight teachers from the Off2Class community who have branched away from classroom teaching. This week we'd like to highlight Teryn Brafford and Dan Conerd - each an ESL Teacherpreneur in Thailand via New Zeland. They've started an exciting teacher collective called My English Teachers. Get[...]

ppt lesson plan template

PPT Lesson Plan Template – Free Download

Welcome to Off2Class! We've had repeated requests from teachers in the Off2Class community to release the tools that we use to create ESL lesson content. We are proud to present the Off2Class PPT lesson Plan Template for free download! This is the PPT Lesson Plan Template that we use to build our ESL Lesson Plan[...]

ESL Absolute Beginner

ESL Absolute Beginners: Recommended Pathways

Welcome to the first instalment of our latest Blog series: Recommended Pathways.  There's been a lot of demand from teachers for recommended course structures when teaching students with our ESL Lesson Plan Library. This is what we plan to cover in the recommended pathways series. Over the coming weeks we'll be posting recommended pathways for various[...]


Freelance ESL Teacher Story No. 5

Hello, my name is Sharon Hadlow. I'm based on the beautiful Isle of Wight, England and am relatively new to life as a freelance ESL teacher, having started in 2014. However, during that time, I have used many different tools to teach my students. Like many of my freelance ESL teacher colleagues, I've spent time teaching in[...]

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