ESL lessons for tutors and teachers.

Everything you need to get going as an independent ESL teacher.

Reduce your prep time. Focus on your students. Select. Launch. Teach.

No credit card required
A library of lesson content designed for conversation classes
All lessons come loaded with adjoining teacher notes
Great for online teaching, whichever videoconferencing system you teach with, we integrate perfectly.
Great for in-person tutorials. View the Teacher Notes on your mobile device while your student focuses on the Lesson Content on a laptop or tablet.
Track your student's progress
by enrolling them in classes, assigning homework and taking notes on their performance
Made by ESL tutors, for ESL tutors. Meet the Team.
User Experience and Satisfaction
Ready to answer your questions and make your Off2Class experience rewarding. Kris wants your feedback to help design the best teaching and learning tool possible. Outside of work, you can find him on a snowboard, a bike, or traveling to remote destinations.
ESL Content
Lives and breathes ESL lesson plans. James wants to empower teachers and make lessons more enjoyable and relevant for ESL students. When not studying the finer points of grammar, he’s teaching online, jogging or swimming.
Code and Product
Happily building a product to simplify ESL teaching and learning, Serdar loves writing code and solving hard problems. When he’s not on a computer, Serdar can be found on a bike or playing a bunch of musical instruments such as the guitar or the flute.
No credit card required