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advanced learner speaking activities

Advanced Learner Speaking Activities – ESL Lesson Content

Our most recent Advanced Learner Speaking Activities have been so heavily used by Off2Class teachers that we decided to release a few more for this proficiency level. These Advanced Learner Speaking Activities include warm-ups to get your students thinking about the topic, whether it be via images, some short statements, or a small reading activity. Then[...]


5 Things You Need to Know About Teaching Phrasal Verbs

Turn your students onto Phrasal Verbs! So, how did your New Year’s Resolutions turn out? Not so well? Well, it’s never too late to make another resolution! This year, why not learn to teach Phrasal Verbs correctly? I’ve made a short video that cover the 5 Things You Need to Know About Teaching Phrasal Verbs.[...]

Upper Intermediate Speaking Activities

Upper Intermediate Speaking Activities

Once students reach Upper Intermediate proficiency, you really need to throw plenty of interesting topics their way to keep motivation high and provide ample opportunity to voice opinions and develop the subtleties to disagree politely... We've released 5 new Upper Intermediate Speaking Activities for you to teach! Details below. Even though none of the topics presented[...]

Advanced Learner Speaking Lessons

Advanced Learner Speaking Lessons – ESL Content

Need a little controversy to spice up your advanced learner speaking lessons?  Let’s face it! Unless you live under a rock, you know that Trump is now President of the United States. And love him or loathe him, his controversial manner has got people talking! As an ESL teacher, it’s exactly what you want to[...]

so and such

How to teach so and such, enough, too many and too much

These little words - some adverbs, some determiners, sometimes pronouns and generally very useful – now have four lessons dedicated to them on Off2Class, in our Adjectives and Adverbs Category. We know that you’ll enjoy teaching these to your Pre-Intermediate students. So and such, enough, not enough, too many and too much! A5.3 - So-and-such[...]

teach quantifiers and determiners

How to teach quantifiers and determiners

Welcome to 2017! We’ve added five lessons to help you teach quantifiers and determiners to your pre-intermediate students. When you teach quantifiers and determiners it is generally rewarding because it makes students feel as though they are leaving behind those annoying ‘Tarzan-like’ qualities of their English and gaining further naturalness. While some determiners, like the definite[...]

possessive, reflexive and reciprocal pronouns

How to teach possessive, reflexive and reciprocal pronouns

Off2Class is pleased to announce the addition of three lessons to our ESL content library, covering possessive pronouns, reflexive pronouns and reciprocal pronouns. Most teachers cover subject and object pronouns quickly, and rightly so. Students often already have a grasp of them even without a teacher-led lesson. However, as a student progresses, an understanding of[...]

Complete materials to teach IELTS Reading online

Extra, Extra! Read all about it! Off2Class now has a category of lessons designed for you to teach IELTS Reading online! All students read every day. They read signs and notes, news articles and gossip columns. They scan timetables for information and browse reviews for the latest book to read, film to watch and restaurant[...]

ielts listening

How to teach IELTS Listening and Webinar

Listen up! Off2Class now has a category of lessons dedicated to IELTS Listening. Coaching a student to succeed in IELTS Listening is not solely about vocabulary and grammar. Success is determined more by the skills needed in the exam along with a familiarity with the question types that students encounter. We’ve released a group of[...]


Asking for and giving directions ESL lesson plans

Need some direction to teach directions? We've added our first asking for and giving directions ESL lesson plans! Our asking for and giving directions lessons are loaded with images and our own, beautiful town map oozing with color and detail. In the imaginary town of Sherbourne, your student will learn to explain static locations with[...]

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