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The IELTS exam is a considerable undertaking. Candidates often have many years of English tuition behind them, and are now attempting a standardized test that often represents a personal or professional milestone. IELTS candidates primarily hope to enter institutes of higher education or to meet a requirement for immigration purposes. Whatever the reason, candidates have high expectations and often a greater level of anxiety than do other ESL students. So if you plan to teach IELTS candidates, you need to be ready… Off2Class is proud to announce the release of our set of IETLS Speaking Teacher Resources…

While teaching our own private students, Off2Class realized that there was a lack of great IELTS Speaking Teacher Resources. Most IELTS teacher resources on the web, are student-focused self-study materials. But what about Teacher Resources designed for educators to teach IETLS candidates? We believe that for a student to achieve higher IELTS bands, a good tutor remains indispensable. This is especially true for the Speaking Portion of the IELTS exam!
Off2Class has developed a set of IELTS Speaking Teacher Resources that assist the teacher to introduce and demonstrate the skills required to successfully undertake the exam, and to allow the student to produce authentic language which will satisfy the requirements of IELTS examiners. They are designed for private tutorials or small groups. Additionally, the IELTS Speaking Teacher Resources are linked to the Off2Class content library, so you can make sure that students practice any specifics which may need brushing up before the big day.
We’ve started with our IELTS Speaking Teacher Resources series, but are working on IELTS Writing, Listening and Reading. Stay tuned!
Am I able to teach IELTS Speaking?
As a teacher, you need to be honest with yourself. You need to know the requirements of IELTS examiners. You need to know more than how to use correct grammar. You need to show why particular tenses are used to respond to certain questions, you need to understand the importance of fluency and coherence, lexical resource, grammar range, accuracy and pronunciation. It is these skill sets around which we have organized our IELTS Speaking Teacher Resources.
You need to be organized, disciplined and you must propose a program to your student. IELTS students have a fixed end-date. IELTS candidates know the date after which you cease to be of use to them. As an IELTS teacher, you must present a program to a student that covers what is required up to the test day. There is no room for complacency and an unstructured approach toward an exam for which the expectations are so great, the anticipation large and the financial cost significant. You need to be structured, time-efficient and reliable.
So, are you ready to start?
In our 13-part IELTS Speaking Teacher Resources set, we run through all aspects of the IELTS Speaking Test. Our lesson plans contain Teacher notes to coach you on how to guide your student. Our lesson plans promote a professional image that flows consistently through the entire series.
In Lesson 1 we introduce the student to the structure and format of the examination, and provide opportunities to practice the target language:
IETLTS Speaking Teacher Resources IETLTS Speaking Teacher Resources
What if my student is lacking in certain areas of the language?
Every student is different. Teaching IELTS does not mean that you have to abandon teaching form and function where it is needed. If there are eight weeks until the exam date and your student uses compound tenses well yet struggles with complex sentences, then insert some grammar as needed. The Off2Class library contains hundreds of lessons to complement the IELTS skills. If your student needs to study IELTS concurrently with Relative Clauses, Phrasal Verbs, Reported Speech or perhaps needs to refresh Conditionals, we have got it covered.
If you want to teach IELTS online, or even in-person, you need to be an organized teacher who can present a plan-of-attack and who provides lessons that are well-structured, professional and consistent. It is worth investing in the right tools to teach IELTS because your students have already invested heavily. And their expectations are high, so it’s up to you to meet their standards. We think our IELTS Speaking Teacher Resources will give you the right framework to meet your students’ expectations.

IELTS candidates are hard-working and goal-driven. If you’re going to teach IELTS, make sure you have what it takes. Take a look at our IELTS Speaking Teacher Resources; we think they are the best available teacher-focused resources out there.


  • Nikolova L. says:

    April 13, 2016 at 7:48 am

    I teach Primary students, but of course there is somelelvel of speaking, too. Especially commands and polite questions, every oral presentation helps other students do the same. There should be a U-tube clip of a young student who speaks fluently of his life in class but with a slight accent. then we can discuss it with my students.

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