Speaking Activities


Advanced ESL Speaking Activities

One of the challenges of teaching Advanced Students is to maintain motivation. Mundane topics that deal with the everyday aspects of life are fine at lower levels of proficiency, when vocabulary might still be limited, but an Advanced Learner, especially an adult, is less likely to enjoy a lesson on What I did on my[...]


Speaking Activites for Advanced ESL Students

Off2Class has expanded our Speaking Activities designed for Advanced ESL Students... We are proud to announce the release of 14 news Speaking activities at the Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced levels. This latest release expands our offering for your more advanced ESL students. The Speaking Activities are designed for live, teacher-led conversation classes and each[...]


ESL Speaking Activities for Online Tutors!

One of the biggest challenges for online tutors is to locate suitable materials for online lessons that promote authentic use of the language. Off2Class has launched a library of lesson content that is specially constructed to promote speaking. We think they are an ideal follow-on activity once your students have a strong familiarity of grammar form.[...]