TOEFL Listening: Lesson Series and Webinar

Welcome! We are delighted to announce that our TOEFL Listening Series is live!

You can find our TOEFL Listening Lesson Series in our lesson library. These lessons are designed to be teacher-led. That is, they are designed for you to teach them in a live setting to your students.
In addition, our lessons each come with an adjoining set of Teacher Notes. These Teacher Notes coach you on how to teach each slide in our lessons. Perfect if you are new to coaching TOEFL candidates!
To celebrate our latest release, we held a teacher-training webinar to introduce the main concepts you need to know about the Listening Section of the TOEFL test:

TOEFL Listening – an Introduction by James from Off2Class

TOEFL Listening Lesson Series

The following is a summary of each lesson that you’ll find in our new TOEFL Listening series!


We provide you with an overview of the structure of the Listening section. The lesson pays particular attention to the importance of taking notes and provides some exercises for your students to practice this skill. To finish the lesson, we provide an overview of the different question types and listening passages that they’ll see on the test.
TOEFL Listening TOEFL Listening


This lesson focuses on the different organizational styles used in listening passages. We provide your students with a framework for recognizing different organizational styles by looking for key words. We pay special attention to distractors and how they are used in TOEFL listening passages.


This lesson focuses on the Main Idea Question type. We pay specific attention to building strategies to locate the main idea in a listening passage and how distractors play a role.


This lesson focuses on the Detail Question type. The Detail Question type asks students for important facts that support the main idea in a text. Note-taking is especially important for this question type!
TOEFL Listening TOEFL Listening


In this lesson, we focus on the Purpose Question type. Purpose Questions are found in conversation passages about non-academic issues. The student needs to identify the purpose of the passage. Sometimes it is explicitly stated and other times the student must infer it.


In this lesson, we examine the Inference Question type. We provide several exercises where students identify whether statements based on a passage are True, False or Inferred.


Here we explore the Function Question type where a student identifies the function of a given piece of language (e.g. verification, correction, agreement etc…).
TOEFL Listening TOEFL Listening


In this lesson, we examine the Attitude Question type which asks the student to identify a speaker’s point of view, opinion or attitude. We provide a framework for differentiating between facts and opinions in a passage.


Here we explore the Organization Question type where a student identifies the organization structure of information that is presented. These questions usually appear in the context of academic lectures. The student must pay particular focus to linking and transition words which can help identify the organization style.


Connecting Content Questions require the student to complete a table which shows relationships between information in a lecture or conversation. We provide strategies for these classification focused questions.
TOEFL Listening TOEFL Listening
All lessons in this category have sound recordings, so make sure you and your student are set up accordingly with headphones!

We hope you enjoy our TOEFL Listening series and look forward to sharing our next TOEFL categories in the upcoming weeks. Let us know what you think below!


  • Charmaine Williams says:

    July 23, 2018 at 9:51 am

    How much for the whole package and can it be saved in a way that makes it portable without internet access?

    • James Heywood (Off2Class) says:

      July 23, 2018 at 10:11 am

      Hi Charmaine,
      Nice to hear from you.
      You need Internet access to use Off2Class. You assign and receive homework online, and the system corrects your students’ input.
      For our pricing, you can go to http://www.off2class.test/pricing

  • Kris Jagasia says:

    July 23, 2018 at 10:10 am

    Hi Charmain, Off2Class operates as a software tool. You buy access to the software through a subscription based on the number of students (and teachers) you’d like access for. More details can be found here:
    Happy Teaching,

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