We've updated our Business English series!

We’ve added 5 new Business English lessons. They’re live and ready for you to teach!

Our Business English series is one of our most popular lesson plan categories so we’ve decided to expand on the lessons. We’ve got 5 new lessons ready for you to teach to your adult students. Each teacher-led lesson comes with a set of homework self-study activities. Here’s what you can find in our 5 latest Business English lessons:
BUS21 – Business-Proposals-and-Pitches
In BUS 21 we cover making business proposals and pitches (including the concept of an elevator pitch). We outline some of the key vocabulary that tends to show up in almost any business pitch (e.g. track record) and move straight into sample pitches. We finalize the lesson with an opportunity for students to build their own pitch (aided by their teacher).
Business-English Business-English
BUS22 – Cover-Letters
To complement BUS12 – Creating-a-Resume-CV we’ve added an entire lesson dedicated to building Cover Letters. We begin the lesson with the concept of appropriate vs. inappropriate language. We then examine some of the most popular phrasal verbs and collocations that you’ll find in a cover letter and then look at several example cover letters.
Business-English Business-English
BUS23 – Human-Resources
We’ve dedicated an entire lesson to the Human Resources function of an organization. Understanding human resources vocabulary and functions is critical for any corporate employee (not just HR professionals). We begin the lesson by reviewing the key functions and tasks of an HR department. We then move on to several freer practice activities about discrimination and affirmative action. Finally, we close the lesson with several case studies.
BUS24 – Motivating Employees
This lesson is all about the vocabulary surrounding motivating employees and teams. We focus on the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic factors that contribute to employee motivation.
Business-English Business-English
BUS25 – Public Relations
In BUS25 we focus on the function of public relations in the business world. We include the functions of a PR agency, earned and free media and how to manage a PR crisis with several case studies.

We hope you get as much teaching enjoyment out of our Business English series as we have! Which Business English topics would you like us to cover next? Let us know below!

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