TOEFL Writing: Lesson Series and Webinar

Welcome! We are delighted to announce that our TOEFL Writing Series is live!

You can find our TOEFL Writing Lesson Series in our lesson library. These lessons are teacher-led. They are designed for teachers to lead their students through the lessons, in a live setting.
To celebrate our latest release, we held a teacher-training webinar to introduce the main concepts you need to know about the writing portion of the TOEFL test.

TOEFL Writing – an Introduction by James from Off2Class

Here’s a brief summary of what you’ll find in our seven TOEFL Writing Lesson Plans:


We introduce the structure of the Writing Section of the TOEFL exam. The Writing section contains two tasks. The integrated task and the independent task. Students are required to complete both tasks. We also emphasize the need for sound time management, the use of linking words, stating opinions and paraphrasing to achieve a high score in the Writing Section.
TOEFL Writing TOEFL Writing


We examine the Challenge Questions that appear in the first task of the TOEFL writing test. In a challenge question, a student must show the relationship between ideas in the lecture (recording) and the reading passage.


We examine the Support Questions that appear in the first task of the TOEFL writing test. A support question asks the student to identify how information in the lecture supports the reading.
TOEFL Writing TOEFL Writing


We examine the Problem and Solution Questions that appear in the first task of the writing portion of the TOEFL test. In a problem and solution question, the student must summarize issues in the reading text while understanding solutions proposed in the lecture. Global environmental challenges are a popular theme for this style of question.


The second task is an independent task where the student composes an essay based on their own personal experience. In a preference question, the student must pick a preference between two options. If the student does not have a specific preference, they should invent one.


Here we examine the Multiple Option format for questions that appear in the second task of the writing portion of the TOEFL test. A multiple opinion question asks you to provide two opinions (or more) for a topic.


Here we examine the Pros and Cons format for questions that appear in the second task of the writing portion of the TOEFL test. In these questions, students must provide two contrasting opinions and support each one with examples.
TOEFL Writing TOEFL Writing

We hope you enjoy our TOEFL Writing series. Let us know what you think below!

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