An Advanced Lesson Plan on Conspiracy Theories

Are you looking for an exciting and interesting lesson plan to use with your advanced ESL students?  Look no further, this ESL lesson plan on conspiracy theories is sure place to start.  Keep reading to locate the lesson download and to find out more about the lesson and how to teach it effectively. 

When to use this lesson plan on conspiracy theories

This is an advanced ESL lesson that is designed to introduce vocabulary about conspiracy theories. This lesson plan on conspiracy theories promotes fluency in speaking as it includes controlled and free tasks. Also please keep in mind the conversational nature of this topic. I strongly advise you to review this lesson on conspiracy theories before teaching it. In any case, you will have so much fun teaching this lesson as it covers so many interesting and conversational topics. 

What topics does this lesson on cover?

In this lesson, students will learn what a conspiracy theory is and about examples of prominent conspiracy theories. These theories cover events like the September 11th attacks, the Moon Landing Hoax and the death of President Kennedy. By the end of the lesson, students will be introduced to different types of fallacies and examples of them. They will also learn about the role of the media in creating conspiracy theories. 

You can download the lesson plan here:

What will students do in this lesson?

This lesson does not contain a reading activity in the middle of it. However, there are ample opportunities for students to read and for you to assess his/her/their reading abilities. As well, you can read the texts to assess the listening abilities of a student. In any case, this lesson contains many questions prompts that allow students to express themselves by forming sentences. This is a great opportunity for you and your students to share and compare opinions surrounding the conspiracy theories presented.

How to teach this lesson on conspiracy theories

Now that you know when to use this lesson plan, it’s important to know how to teach it effectively. When teaching this lesson, take your time and do not rush students. Though it is only 17 slides in length, it covers a series of dense topics. With this, be sure to explain topics, ask questions and elicit responses from students. Also do not be afraid to correct students; they are at an advanced level and want to reach fluency. This means that you need to pay close attention to their grammar, speaking and use of vocabulary. With that being said, encourage students to make mistakes as this is how one learns!

But wait, there’s more…

As mentioned prior, it’s important to ask students several questions to promote conversation in English. To do this more effectively, you should download a free Off2Class account. This will give you access to teacher notes that contain several questions prompts specifically designed for each slide in this lesson plan on conspiracy theories. Also, when you download a free account you get access to 150 lessons with teacher notes. Don’t feel like making an account today? Check out some more free lesson downloads here.

Off2Class is committed to offering teachers the best resources available. Please, let us know how we are doing and leave a comment below!

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