Student Placement Test – Live Tour & Q&A

On June 22 we welcomed 100 ESL teachers for a live tour of our Student Placement Test 2.0.

The tour was long overdue! A couple of months ago we made a major upgrade to our student placement test when we released ESL Placement Test 2.0. In short, we took our existing grammar-focused ESL placement test (V1.0) and added the option to include Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking assessment to the test.
As always, our student placement system provides you with a Gap Analysis and Individual Learning Plan that is unique to your student’s results. For V2.0 of our student placement system, you now have the ability to edit these Learning Plans to better meet your students’ needs.

Enjoy the Live Tour and Q&A of our Student Placement Test

 What we covered in the session: 

  • A bit of background on how teachers currently use our student placement test – primarily to develop Individual Learning Plans for their new ESL students
  • A bit of background on why we added Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking Assessment to the new version of our student placement test – primarily to create a more robust assessment of your students’ ESL ability
  • Some of the feedback we’ve received from teachers to date
  • A detailed live tour, showing you the perspective of both how a teacher assigns the test and how a student sits through the various sections of the test
  • A detailed Q&A to take up your feedback on the test and answers any questions you had

ESL Placement Certificates 

Our student placement test is complemented by another new feature on Off2Class – ESL Placement Certificates. When your students sit our placement test, you now have the opportunity to print, branded placement certificates for your students. These are a fantastic tool to keep your students motivated to learn with you!

We hope you enjoyed the live tour as much as we did. Let us know what you’d like to see covered during our next webinar session with you! 


  • alina says:

    June 24, 2017 at 7:03 am

    Thank you for all the useful info, looking forward to using your platform.
    I’m preparing myself for teaching online at the moment and would like to ask you whether It will be appropriate to use off2class when teaching a specific niche for example holistic therapists and where would I able to find related material
    Thank you in advance

    • James Heywood (Off2Class) says:

      June 24, 2017 at 7:55 am

      Hi Alina,
      Thanks for dropping by!
      Off2Class at present creates General English lessons, with Business English and Standardized Test Lessons also. Holistic therapy sounds like a great niche so I’ll leave it to you to see if you can use Off2Class with your students. We won’t necessarily have the vocabulary that is special to that field, but the grammar and need for fluency remain the same!

  • Lon K says:

    February 24, 2019 at 4:48 pm

    The placement test’s analysis of language area weaknesses and strengths, which are then matched with prescribed lessons to correct, is brilliant! Most students come to a new class with gaps in their learning which will hold them back from making future progress. Being able to customize the curriculum is very beneficial to the student, and a substantial marketing highlight.
    The video brought to mind several unusual situations. Are the lessons displayed in such a way that a non-remote student could be present in person and sharing the screen with the teacher while working through the lesson? Or are answer cues displayed? I guess the question is can your lesson display be used for local, as well as remote students?
    Anticipating the worst of scenarios when internet access may be erratic and the live lessons are streaming poorly, can a lesson be printed and processed by a local student, or sent to them as an email attachment?
    I’m just viewing your site for the first time today but your online curriculum looks like it may fit my needs exactly!

    • Chris says:

      February 28, 2019 at 12:32 pm

      Hi Lon,
      The quick answer is that you can use Off2Class equally well in person or online, though internet is required. If you start your free trial we’ll give you the whole walkthrough!

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