Language for The Classroom: A Lesson Plan for ESL teachers

Learning about classroom language is a great way for ESL students to acquire new vocabulary. Teaching classroom language to ESL students is especially important for students who may want to work or study abroad. Regardless, this lesson presents many opportunities for students of all abilities to learn and/or practice classroom language in English. Keep reading this post to learn more about when to teach this lesson and how to do so effectively. 

When to use this lesson

This lesson is best to use with beginner students looking/needing to develop functional language skills. Functional language skills are essential for students to have so they can interact in real life situations. So, this does not aim to introduce grammar and instead vocabulary in different contexts to create meaning. The point of this lesson is for students to gain language skills that they can use in their everyday lives, particularly in the classroom. 

You can also use this lesson as a practice or break lesson with more intermediate students. Simply just ask your more experienced student to speak more, expand on concepts and formulate sentences independently. Regardless, at any learning level, students will appreciate your encouragement and guidance. 

You can download the lesson plan here: 

Teaching classroom language

Since this lesson does not contain explicit grammar, it does provide vocabulary and structure for students to create authentic speech on the topic. When teaching classroom language  it is recommended that you concentrate on the production of target vocabulary rather than grammar. In order to do so, be sure to ask your students relevant questions. In fact, the teacher notes that come with the lesson provide the perfect classroom questions. 

This lesson is also packed with engaging activities and exercises to help students practice vocabulary, reading, speaking, listening and grammar. Students will have the chance to answer true or false questions, as well as complete matching activities. They will also complete matching exercises and participate in role play activities to practice speaking. Throughout the lesson you can utilize one the canvas, annotation and drawing tools to help guide students. This lesson is sure to fly by quickly for both you and your students!

Here at Off2Class, teacher feedback is not only wanted but appreciated. We would love to know what you and your students think of this lesson. Be sure to leave any feedback in the comments below. Happy teaching!

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