Virtual ESL Career Week Jobs Board

What opportunities are available for ESL teachers in the USA? Off2Class works with public and private schools in the USA and beyond. As part of the Virtual ESL Career Week 2022, we compiled a live jobs board highlighting jobs for ESL teachers, paraprofessionals, and more. You can get access to the free jobs board, with job listings and links to adverts, by entering your details below:

How to use the Off2Class ESL Jobs Board

The ESL Jobs Board includes jobs adverts and opportunities for ESL teachers in the USA and beyond. Jobs are listed by US State. When you open the board, you can click on your preferred state to see the local job opportunities. You can also search the document for your local state or district: just click “CTRL + F” (Windows) or “Command + F” (Apple) and type in your search term.

Which jobs board is best for ESL teachers?

As part of the Virtual ESL Career week, we surveyed over 600 ESL teachers from the USA and beyond. We asked the teachers which job boards and sites they find most useful. Perhaps surprisingly, the most popular responses were not specific to ESL or even teaching, such as LinkedIn and Indeed. Teachers also recommended Facebook groups and contacting districts directly via their own websites. In terms of sites that are ESL- or teaching-specific, lots of respondents mentioned and the Bridge TEFL Jobs Board.

Here is a list of the top 10 job sites for ESL teachers, recommended by ESL teachers:

What qualifications do I need to teach ESL in a K12 Public School?

The qualifications and requirements for teaching ESL in a K12 school vary depending on the state and school district. However, working in a K12 school may be more accessible than you think. Since the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic, schools across the country are facing teacher shortages, and English Language Learners (ELLs) are particularly affected. For this reason, many school districts are exploring new routes into employment for people who want to teach.

As part of the Virtual ESL Career Week, we hosted webinars with districts in Texas, Alabama, Ohio, and more. In these webinars, you can hear directly from recruiters at different school districts and hear about their varying requirements. You can catch up on all the webinars on the ESL Career Week Playlist.

Can I teach in a K12 Public School with a TEFL certificate?

If you have a TEFL certificate, CELTA, or similar, you may wonder if you are qualified to work in a public school in the USA. These teaching certificates do qualify you to work or volunteer in a range of English programs, such as for NGOs or community projects. In contrast, you will need a teaching license to be a qualified teacher in a public school. In addition, you may require additional certificates (such as a Master’s degree) in order to teach ESL.

However, a TEFL certificate and teaching experience can be a good first step to becoming certified. Many districts would welcome applicants for roles such as paraprofessionals, teaching aides, or tutors. Some districts have interesting programs where you can qualify alongside working – particularly those with high numbers of English Language Learners. You can learn how to build on your TEFL certificate, and access Professional Development, in this webinar from Bridge TEFL:

Are you an ESL teacher? What job boards do you find most helpful in looking for your next career opportunity? Let us know in the comments!


  • Amy NieKamp says:

    August 31, 2023 at 1:14 pm

    I am a veteran ESL teacher (16 years) I want to work for OFF2Class. Whom do I contact about applying? Are there any openings?

    • Christine Chan says:

      August 31, 2023 at 4:12 pm

      Hi ​​Amy,

      It was great to see you at the ChatGPT webinar earlier today! Off2Class is a toolkit for ESL teachers to give great lessons to their students. Lots of independent teachers don’t have students when they first come to Off2Class, and we’re here to help you succeed! If you haven’t yet, get started by creating a free account. Then you can join our teachers’ Facebook group to see how other teachers are getting their own students. Because we’re not a language school, we don’t hire teachers or provide students ourselves — we help you do it independently!

      Happy Teaching,

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