Business English Curriculum: Units 16-20

As 2022 draws to a close, we are pleased to release another five units of our Business English Curriculum.

Language skills for business and beyond

What do English learners require in order to prosper in an English-language business environment? At a basic level, a good command of English grammar. They must have a sufficient business-related vocabulary to describe the ideas and concepts that are central to their roles. They also need to be able to read, write, listen, and speak with a reasonable degree of fluency. Beyond these fundamental requirements, however, it is a higher level of competence with specific functional skills that truly enables a learner to thrive with business English.

Are you able to give clear instructions or ask for clarification? Are you able to convincingly lay out a reasoned case for a particular course of action? Can you quickly find the important information in a document many pages in length? And can you deal with misunderstandings and conflict in a sensitive manner when they occur? Being able to do all these things, and more, is vital for students hoping to succeed in an English-language workplace.

As it happens, these are also skills that are incredibly useful for students who do not have a specific business-focus for their studies of English. There are no doubt times when those who study English to travel to other countries have to ask for clarification or navigate misunderstandings in an appropriate manner. Students currently completing studies at high schools or universities (or those hoping to do so soon) certainly need to be able to write and speak in a convincing manner. And those who are aiming to take IELTS, TOEFL, or other standardized tests will not do so successfully without being able to process large amounts of information in English quickly and efficiently.

It is for this reason that the Off2Class Business English Curriculum, while written primarily with workplace communication in mind, is not just a business English course. The skills that it develops are universal and transferable. Whatever your students’ reasons for studying English may be, we are confident that the Off2Class Business English Curriculum can help them achieve their goals.

Business English Curriculum: Units 16-20

The Off2Class Business English Curriculum is a comprehensive business English course covering CEFR B1 to C1. Including 160 lessons across 40 thematic units, it emphasizes developing the language skills necessary for students to progress in English-language business settings. These skills can be applied to numerous other non-business contexts, too. This month sees the release of units 16-20, the second half of the CEFR B1+ module (you can access the first half of the CEFR B1+ module here!), which focuses on developing more key communicative skills.

U16: Technology and Innovation

The ability to give and receive instructions about how to use new technologies is vital, especially in today’s digital landscape. Further skills covered in this unit include comparing and evaluating solutions to technological problems and dealing with difficult questions.

U17: Sales

Speaking in a persuasive manner is a key element of working in sales. Which words and phrases should be used in which contexts for maximum effect? How can proposals be made, accepted, or declined most appropriately? Unit 17 answers all these questions and more.

U18: Customer Experience

Customers can make or break a business, which means it is crucial for businesses to understand what their customers think. But how should questions be phrased to get the information that you really need? And when you are asked to give feedback, how can you best describe your experiences with a product or service?

U19: International Business

We don’t all communicate in the same way. There will be times when misunderstandings occur, especially when interacting with those from other cultural backgrounds. Unit 19 helps to raise awareness of some differences in communication styles and develop skills for resolving misunderstandings positively.

U20: Remote Work

With the increasing adoption of remote work in recent years, it is pivotal for English learners to confidently discuss related issues in a virtual setting. Unit 20 ensures that students have the language skills necessary to function in the workplace, whether they do so in-person or online.

Over to You

Units 16-20 of the Off2Class Business English Curriculum are now available from the Lesson Library. We hope that they will be helpful for your students in reaching the next level in their careers. Which skills do you think are most important for students to learn to become proficient users of English? And are there any other skills that you would like future Off2Class lessons to focus on? As ever, we would love to hear your thoughts.

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