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User Experience and Satisfaction
Ready to answer your questions and make your Off2Class experience rewarding. Kris wants your feedback to help design the best teaching and learning tool possible. Outside of work, you can find him on a snowboard, a bike, or traveling to remote destinations.

ESL Content
Lives and breathes ESL lesson plans. James wants to empower teachers and make lessons more enjoyable and relevant for ESL students. When not studying the finer points of grammar, he’s teaching online, jogging or swimming.

Code and Product
Happily building a product to simplify ESL teaching and learning, Serdar loves writing code and solving hard problems. When he’s not on a computer, Serdar can be found on a bike or playing a bunch of musical instruments such as the guitar or the flute.

The ESL Teacher Toolkit

We started Off2Class because we couldn't find teacher-led ESL Content that was up to our standards for our own lessons. We soon realized that lots of ESL teachers were now teaching in various screen-based environments.

What makes Off2Class different is that all of our content has been built from the ground up to be taught on a screen. Bright, engaging and image-heavy with lots of room for teachers to adapt the content for their students, using a communicative approach.

We're used by ESL teachers in every corner of the world teaching in all sorts of screen-based environments. From online lessons, to classrooms with projectors and much more. Read some words from members of our global teacher community:

  • “ As a 'teacherpreneur' I offer both in-person and online ESL lessons. Off2Class provides a fully blended ESL content solution. Whether I'm teaching in-person or online I've got my lesson content and student management at my fingertips. ”
    Tina Antoniades - Freelance ESL Teacher
  • “ My students are generally intermediate to advanced. I find Off2Class invaluable in providing high-quality and interesting material for their lessons. In particular, it is fantastic to have a wide range of lessons on phrasal verbs and idioms, complete with homework assignments. The site is also extremely reliable technically, and easy for the students to use. ”
    Douglas Amrine - Online ESL Tutor
  • “ I started using Off2Class for my own ESL lessons, and was so impressed that when I launched my own English language school I bought accounts for all of my teachers. Keep up the good work guys! ”
    Andrew Delgado - CEO, Get English
  • “ My team provides one-2-one and group classes on our premises, at our clients' and online. It has been great to be able to use Off2Class in all of these settings. I can share my screen for online lessons or project the lessons from my computer in conference rooms at my clients' premises! ”
  • “ Off2Class has completely revolutionized the way I teach. It has greatly reduced preparation time while offering visually attractive and professional content for my students. On top of that, the team behind it is extremely supportive and constantly develops the platform to make it even better. ”
    Przemysław Jankowski - Owner, Meet English
  • “ We've been working with the Off2Class team since the early days of our school. The ESL Lesson Content and student portal for completing homework and reviewing lesson summaries has really made an impact on our students' learning. The lesson library provides grammar and vocabulary input that fits directly into Fluentbe's communicative approach. ”
    Daria Domagala - Head Teacher, FluentBe
  • “ I’ve owned a language school in Indaial, Brazil for thirteen years. Off2Class is the system I’ve always been looking for! I divide my teaching experience in two phases: Before Off2Class and After Off2Class. It has made that big of an impact on the way I teach and manage by students. Thanks guys! ”
    Pedro Julião do Nascimento - Owner, English Forever
  • “ I started as an ESL teacher in 2014 via Italki, Verbling and my own private students. Initially, I used paper lesson plans. Since I started with Off2class I cannot believe how many new students I've attracted. Off2Class cuts my preparation time which means I can focus on taking new students. The Off2Class Placement Test gives me a personalized plan each time I take on a new student. I will continue to use Off2class for many years to come! ”
    Sharon Hadlow - Online ESL Teacher