Introducing Off2Class’s Updated TOEFL Lessons

Off2Class is pleased to announce that updated TOEFL lessons are now part of our Lesson Library!


Changes to TOEFL for 2023

The world of standardized tests never stands still. As of July 2023, TOEFL has rolled out an updated version of their test. This update includes changes in the test format and the types of questions that candidates face. As always, Off2Class is right there with you with a new series of TOEFL lessons, ensuring your students are prepared to tackle these new challenges head-on.

While our existing TOEFL lessons remain a popular resource, the recent changes to the TOEFL test called for an update. But fear not, we’re not reinventing the wheel here. We’re simply enhancing our already comprehensive lessons to align with the 2023 version of TOEFL. And we have taken this opportunity to add a few other improvements to provide the best possible TOEFL resources.


What’s included?

Contemporary context: We’ve incorporated contemporary academic texts and recordings, mirroring the exact flavor and theme you’d find on the TOEFL test. These texts and recordings were created specifically for us by our good friends at Donut Education, a boutique B2B agency specializing in inclusive English language assessment and curriculum development. Grounded in research-backed best practices, they provide AI speaking assessments and strategic consultations based on the Donut Education Model.

Holistic approach: Each lesson not only prepares students for the question types found on TOEFL, but also offers practice for every task they will encounter on the actual test.

Authentic example responses: Students can now analyze example responses, both for the Speaking and the Writing sections, giving them a clearer idea of what to expect and how to excel.

Teacher’s best friend: With our extensive teacher notes and homework review activities, guiding your students has never been easier.


Transition Made Easy

We understand change can sometimes be daunting. That’s why we’ve decided to keep our existing TOEFL lessons on the platform until the end of September 2023. This ensures a seamless transition for you and your students.


Join the Off2Class Experience!

Already intrigued? We invite you to sign up for a free account and sample some of these revamped lessons yourself. And if you find them as beneficial as we believe you will (after all, Off2Class lessons have a proven track record of effectiveness), consider going premium to unlock the full suite of our new TOEFL lessons.

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