Introducing the Off2Class Student Panel, Version 2.0

Off2Class is pleased and excited to release the new-and-improved Student Panel!

Improving the student experience on Off2Class

Until March 2022, our Student Panel was the combination of a) the back-of-a-napkin sketch dating from 2014, and b) various additions as we added new functions to the site. The Student Panel has always functioned well, allowing students to complete various assessments (Homework Assignments, Progress Tests, Placement Tests), along with viewing lesson slides. However, the outlay and format had run their course.

A screenshot of the old Student Panel. The Student Panel has served us well. Now it is time for an improved user experience.
The Student Panel has served us well. Now it is time for an improved user experience.

Creating the new Student Panel

Off2Class Product Manager, Orus, has been instrumental in bringing a new burst of life and color to the Off2Class brand. Orus’s first major task was to prepare the Student Panel V2.0. Along with our ever hardworking Development Team, we are pleased to offer students a more intuitive experience, better organized and easier-to-find information, and an overall brighter user journey.

Orus mentioned, “To encourage students to be more active participants in the learning journey, they need the best tools available. Therefore, we have rigorously refined this panel through analysis, empathy, design, and development.”

This exhaustive process included: 

  • Reconstructing the panel from the ground up to identify exactly what type of information students need, and why. 
  • Centering student needs at the heart of the design process. Ensuring that each student can easily access all the information they need so that they can do their work effectively. 
  • Reimagining new visual experience that would better reflect Off2Class and the diverse set of learners that we serve.
  • Developing the code necessary to extend our current product.
Orus introduces the Student Panel 2.0

How will users benefit?

So, what changes can students and teachers expect in the new Student Panel?

  • For new students and students with low literacy, the design is more intuitive. As a result, the student can navigate through information with minimum English language. For example, the button to join a lesson is more vibrant and visible.
  • All students will benefit from a reduction in language on the page. In addition, we have updated the language interface translations.
  • For all students, grouping information in a more logical manner will make it easier to complete tasks. The information responds to three main questions:
    1. What do I need to do? Shown in the To Do panel.
    2. What have I already completed? Shown in the Completed Work panel.
    3. What should I review? Shown in the Lesson Slides panel.
  • Finally, teachers will need to spend less time answering queries from students who needed assistance with the Student Panel.

The best products can only be truly appreciated when they are experienced. Words are an inadequate substitute for a useful and well-designed product. Therefore, we can’t wait for you to experience the Student Panel, the first of many new features to come. If you want to be in the loop about our updates, you can join our Off2Class Facebook Group – stay tuned for our next launch, the Teacher Panel!

What do you think of the new design? Have your students mentioned the change? Let us know in the comments below.

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