Six Free ESL Lesson Plans to Get your Students Speaking!

One of the most difficult things to get your adult ESL students to do is to speak out loud. In fact, adult ESL students often mention that speaking is the hardest of the four core skills. Surely you’ve noticed that sometimes your students have strong grammar skills but their speaking skills are weak. If so, have you tried offering them a dedicated speaking lesson? Speaking activities are a great way to assess your students’ progress, even in grammar-heavy language classes.  Off2Class has prepared six free ESL lesson plans to get your students speaking about real-world subjects that are relevant to everyone. Your business students, high school students and everyone in between will love practicing their conversation skills!

When to use speaking lesson plans

I love to incorporate these speaking activities at least once a month because my students get the opportunity to practice using the new vocabulary and grammar they’ve learned. Additionally, they are a great way to assess how much your students have grasped and what concepts to review with them. Most importantly,  my students appreciate a conversation lesson during busy times of the year because they don’t have the energy for grammar-heavy lessons. No matter what, even in the most traditional ESL classrooms, speaking lessons are important. So, why not give these lessons a try? Even your shyest students will find them entertaining!

Speaking lesson plans at a glance

The following lesson plans promote fluency at a range of levels. For beginners, you can start with Life in the City or My Family. These lesson plans use plenty of images which allow  you to ask thoughtful follow-up questions to test your students’ skills. For advanced students, focus on Facebook and Social Media, Fears and Phobias or Working Remotely and Online – these lesson plans will challenge your students to think and debate. In any case, I encourage you to familiarize yourself with your students’ cultural backgrounds so you can confirm that the lesson material is not offensive or inappropriate.

Life in the City:

Life in the City is designed for beginner students and uses photos to prompt discussion about where they live, work, study and have fun. By the end of the lesson, students will complete a reading activity and deliver a narrative on their own.

Download the lesson plan on Life in the City here:

My Family

This lesson will help you gauge your students’ vocabulary skills when discussing family. You should encourage students to use the present simple tense to talk about family structure and relationships. You can use this lesson plan to review how to talk about age too. Better yet, this lesson plan is great to review with upper-level students.

Download the lesson plan on My Family here:

Facebook and Social Media

This lesson plan on the topic of social media is designed for higher-level students. When teaching this lesson, encourage students to think, share, and debate using the images and questions provided.

Download the lesson plan on Facebook and Social Media here:

Fears and Phobias

This lesson plan is designed for upper-intermediate students and introduces new vocabulary related to fears and phobias. You should prompt students to talk about what scares them using the questions and vocabulary provided. 

Download the lesson plan on Fears and Phobias here:

Working Remotely and Online

This lesson plan was designed for upper-intermediate students, and it is especially relevant to our world today. It features new vocabulary and reading exercises that put the vocabulary into a clear context.  You can prompt students to discuss and debate using the pictures, questions and vocabulary provided. 

Download the lesson plan on Working Remote and Online here:

Urban Social Issues

This advanced lesson plan introduces vocabulary related to pollution, poverty and other issues found in urban settings. It provides plenty of thought-provoking questions to get your students talking and engaged with the material.

speaking ESL lesson plans

Download our lesson plan on Urban Social Issues here:

After your speaking lesson

After using these free ESL speaking lesson plans, we guarantee your students will want to talk more because they will feel more confident than ever. As a bonus, these Speaking lesson plans feature helpful teacher notes and homework assignments available only with your FREE teacher account. After you sign up, don’t forget to check out the Lesson Library too! All of Off2Class’s lesson plans are ready-to-teach and can be used in online and screen-enabled in-person classes. Leave the hard work to us because Off2Class strives to make teaching English easier than ever!

Most importantly, if you found these lesson plans helpful, share them and comment below. We love to hear questions, thoughts and ideas from teachers like you!


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