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VivaLing is “The World’s First Online Language Academy for the Whole Family.” The online language school allows adults and children from all over the world to attend English and other language lessons from the comfort of their homes.  Focusing on delivering lessons online has allowed VivaLing to grow beyond borders and without some of the constraints that exist for other types of schools.  They have seen tremendous growth in this market, and we’re beyond excited to be a part of their amazing story!

VivaLing Online Language School

Founded in 2014 specifically for young learners, VivaLing soon found parents requesting lessons for themselves!  Therefore, in early 2019, VivaLing “opened its doors” to adults and officially became an Online Language Academy for the whole family.  Due to this change, VivaLing needed quality content to suit their adult learners’ needs, such as exam preparation, lessons on Business English, or conversation practice. The VivaLing team was searching for a digital platform that would provide high-quality materials in these areas. Off2Class was the natural choice!

Certainly, adults and children have very different needs when learning a language. Off2Class provides the perfect solution for VivaLing’s adult audience. It offers a detailed placement test, student management tools, ready-to-be-taught lessons on different topics, and step-by-step curricula for a range of levels. In addition, each lesson contains teacher notes to guide the Coach and homework for the students to continue reviewing on their own.

Coaches Love It

VivaLing Coaches have found Off2Class to be an immensely helpful tool. Off2Class provides a way to teach language skills in a digital format that aligns perfectly with VivaLing’s pedagogy. Coaches have expressed their approval and, most importantly, their teen and adult learners have greatly benefited.

What Coaches say about Off2Class

“I have really enjoyed using Off2Class. It has a very wide variety of lessons as far as topic, level, and focus. The conversation classes especially have facilitated really authentic and meaningful discussions with my learners. I would highly recommend it to anyone searching for a platform for their teen and adult learners.” – Coach Jacque

“Off2Class has proved to be an excellent curriculum source for different leveled teens and adult lessons.  It has helped me focus my units thematically with different grammar focuses, conversational topics, and even listening activities.  By using it as a base for some of my sessions, it has given me new ideas and inspiration.” – Coach Amy

Reaching Future Goals Together

Additionally, the VivaLing team has future goals in mind for the Off2Class partnership. From January 2020, the VivaLing team has begun partnering with a large international school in Singapore and has used Off2Class’s curriculum and placement test to create personalized English learning plans for each staff member at the school.

Off2Class is a versatile platform for a wide variety of learners. It thoroughly aids VivaLing by helping coaches save prep time. Furthermore, with Off2Class, all learners access personalized lessons in a structured, online environment. The VivaLing team looks forward to growing and advancing together with Off2Class as the online language teaching industry continues to progress.

"Off2Class has provided a way to teach the various language skills in a digital format that aligns perfectly with VivaLing’s pedagogy. Coaches have expressed their approval, and their teen and adult learners have already greatly benefited"

Quote owner  Abbie Adeyeri, Head of Learning