Core Curriculum: Language Arts 1

This month sees the release of Language Arts 1, the next lessons in our Core Curriculum series, designed to support English language learners in different subject areas.

Language Arts is an essential subject that teaches students to think critically about how they communicate. Put simply, what we really mean when we communicate is about so much more than the literal meaning of the words we use. By understanding the impact of combinations of words on readers or listeners in different contexts, students become more effective communicators.

However, language instruction aimed at English learners often deals only with the literal, which makes becoming a truly proficient user of English all the more difficult. This is where our new Language Arts lessons come in. Specifically designed for secondary students who are English language learners, these lessons not only provide important language arts skills but also help students apply these skills to other subjects and contexts. After all, the ability to analyze a source and present a coherent and persuasive argument when discussing literature in the language arts classroom is a transferable skill. For instance, it can help students interpret historical events in social studies or evaluate an experiment in the science lab. With a focus on building literacy, critical thinking, and communication skills, our Language Arts lessons help students achieve their full potential.

Off2Class Core Curriculum

The Off2Class Core Curriculum aims to equip students with the tools they need to comprehend and engage with subject-specific content. The lessons focus on teaching essential vocabulary and expressions that are frequently encountered in different K12 subject areas. By mastering these lexical chunks, students can gradually understand more complex sentences and concepts.

These lessons cater to students who have a basic grasp of English but lack confidence in expressing themselves in specific subjects. For beginners who need to develop foundational English proficiency, we recommend our Newcomers lesson series. Off2Class will launch this series in late July 2023.

Although the vocabulary used in the Core Curriculum lessons is primarily based on the North American school system, teachers from other education systems can still benefit from the lessons with minor adaptations. The initial 72-lesson series includes Classroom Language and Skills, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

Language Arts 1

Language Arts 1 consists of six exciting and relevant units, each comprising 12 engaging lessons. The course is designed to equip learners with the language and skills they require to shift from passive observers to active participants in their core lessons.

Unit 1: Introduction to language arts

This unit gives an overview of some of the different types of text that K12 students are likely to encounter during their studies. It also introduces key language and skills that learners will need throughout the rest of this series of lessons.

Unit 2: Descriptive Writing

The first type of writing explored in detail is descriptive writing. Students explore how adjectives are used for effect and are then introduced to different descriptive devices that they can use in their own writing.

Unit 3: Narrative Writing

Unit 3 considers narrative writing and covers language that is key to telling a coherent and well-structured narrative. As the unit progresses, students are given opportunities to apply this language to creating a narrative of their own.

Unit 4: Literary analysis

Students explore some of the key features of an effective narrative, including elements of a story and literary techniques. They will then start writing their own textual analysis.

Unit 5: Persuasive writing

This unit tackles the fundamentals of persuasive writing. Students consider how opinions and supporting reasons are combined effectively, before introducing a range of persuasive devices to their writing.

Unit 6: Expository writing

Finally, Unit 6 deals with expository writing. Students consider how a neutral, academic tone can be created and compare this with other types of writing. They also look at citing sources and how this can add to the value of a piece of writing.

Forthcoming releases

The Off2Class Language Arts lessons provide English language learners with the skills and language to use English more expressively. This will help them participate in their core curriculum lessons on the same footing as their peers. By empowering students to communicate effectively, analyze sources, present logical arguments, and more, these lessons set them up for success in all areas of their education.

For full details of the Language Arts lessons and the rest of the Core Curriculum, as well as information regarding our other exciting lesson releases for this year, take a look at our release schedule.

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