Business English Curriculum: Units 31-40

The final ten units in our popular Business English Curriculum are now live, providing challenging business-themed content for advanced-level students.

Mastering communication for global business

Off2Class is thrilled to unveil the much-anticipated advanced module of our Business English Curriculum. This release is particularly significant as it marks the completion of the entire Off2Class Business English Curriculum. Tailored to elevate your students’ proficiency to that next level, this module emphasizes advanced communication strategies and deepens students’ specialized business vocabulary, ensuring they can confidently handle intricate international business interactions.

This release combines dynamic exercises that encourage active engagement and real-world case studies plunging students into authentic business situations. As a result, your learners will hone in on advanced practical skills and broaden their industry-specific lexicon.

Business English Curriculum: Units 31-40

The Off2Class Business English Curriculum offers a comprehensive business English course that spans from CEFR levels B1 (pre-intermediate) to C1 (advanced). Featuring a total of 160 engaging lessons organized into 40 thematic modules, it equips students with the linguistic skills necessary for success in various English-speaking business contexts. This month, we’re excited to launch units 31-40, which comprise the full CEFR C1 (advanced) module. Here’s a closer look at what these units offer.

U31: Business management

Strong management is essential for any business hoping to succeed. From language for describing obligation, necessity, and advice to essential idioms, this unit prepares students to manage various business situations.

U32: Change management

No matter how well prepared they may be, leaders always need to be ready to adapt. Unit 32 covers language for confidently and effectively doing just that.

U33: Business ethics

Does a business exist purely to make a profit? Or does it have a responsibility to the wider society? In this unit, students discuss these issues and reflect on a series of thought-provoking ethical dilemmas.

U34: Work appraisals

Appraisals are an integral part of the modern workplace. However, giving effective appraisals can be a challenge. From constructive criticism to high praise for outstanding work, this unit covers language for giving and responding to feedback.

U35: Business performance

With a focus on KPIs, this unit sees students learn and practice using language for describing performance. By the end of U35, students will be able to discuss performance accurately and set meaningful goals and targets.

U36: Business strategy

A strong idea of what a business is and what it needs to achieve is vital for consistent success. This unit covers language for discussing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, with plenty of opportunities for practice.

U37: Business trends

In U37, students learn advanced comparative forms, participle clauses, sports idioms, and other language relevant to the topic of competition. With plenty of engaging practice activities, this unit will really get students thinking.

U38: Advertising

In this unit, students discuss different types of advertising and learn language techniques often used when promoting a product or service, such as cleft sentences, causatives, hyperbole, emotive language, and rhetorical questions.

U39: Business finance

Making money is at the heart of doing business. From economics to accounting, this unit ensures students have the language skills necessary to describe and discuss all aspects of business finance.

U40: Business operations

What are the processes involved in the operation of a business? How are products created and delivered to customers? What is involved in providing a service? In this unit, students learn language for describing business operations in detail.

Over to You

Units 31-40 of the Off2Class Business English Curriculum are now available from the Lesson Library. We are confident that they will help students develop the language skills to thrive in advanced business contexts, and we would love to hear about how you use these lessons with your students.

For more information about other Off2Class releases, including details of the entire Business English Curriculum, take a look at our full release schedule here.

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