Introducing the Off2Class Business English Curriculum

Off2Class is excited to announce the release of twenty Business English lessons, the first five units of an entire Step-by-Step Business English Curriculum.

Introducing the Off2Class Business English Curriculum!

What is the Business English Curriculum?

Like the Off2Class Step-by-step Units, the Business English Curriculum Units comprise a theme. Each unit is composed of four lessons. The lessons contain grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading, writing, and speaking activities.

Like all Off2Class Lessons, each lesson in the Step-by-Step Business English Curriculum contains Teachers Notes to help educators work through the objective and tasks, along with Homework that allows the student to build upon the material covered in the lesson.

The full Business English Curriculum covers a CEFR range of B1 to C1 and provides 160 lessons in 40 units, encompassing a wide range of business-related topics. The goal of each unit is to provide students with the language skills to operate successfully in a specific English-language business setting.

New: Business English Case Studies

The final lesson of each Business English Unit is a Case Study, which applies the language and skills developed in the previous three lessons to a business scenario. Units introduce a series of recurring characters and companies around which events develop, leading to a task to complete or a problem to solve during the final Case Study. These Case Study lessons are where students are able to apply what they have learned to the real-life situations they are likely to face outside of the classroom.

Where do you start when teaching Business English?

Let’s take a look at what is covered in the first five units of the Business English Curriculum.

Unit 1: Job Roles and Responsibilities

In Unit 1, students learn how to describe different jobs and their responsibilities, covering modal verbs, preposition phrases, and a review of basic tenses. The Case Study involves a recruitment agency matching candidates to their ideal positions.

Unit 2: Around the office

The goal for Unit 2 is for students to be able to function in an office environment. Language covered includes prepositions of place, email expressions, and phrases for conducting small talk. The Case Study requires students to design a system for supporting employees joining a new company.

Unit 3: Companies and Products

In Unit 3, the focus is on introducing companies and products. The grammar section covers defining relative clauses, the passive voice, and question forms. The Case Study for this unit has students deciding which products to sell in a retail store.

Unit 4: Business Meetings

Unit 4 sees students developing skills for participating in meetings. The lessons introduce time expressions, sequencing language, and expressions for agreeing and disagreeing. The Case Study here involves students conducting meetings to improve the fortunes of a chain of hotels.

Unit 5: Business Travel

The theme for Unit 5 is business travel and covers language for making decisions, describing future plans, and giving directions. The Case Study tasks students with planning a business trip for colleagues with different preferences.

What next?

We hope that you will enjoy using the lessons and that your students will benefit from them. We would also love your feedback on our Business English Curriculum. A lot of work has gone into its creation, but we rely on your feedback to make it even better.

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