ESL Lesson Plans: Grammar, TOEFL, IELTS and Topic-Based Categories

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Step-by-Step Curriculum Elementary

Our complete module of 48 A2 lessons containing speaking, reading, listening, and writing tasks.

Step-by-Step Curriculum Pre-Intermediate

Our complete module of 48 B1 lessons containing speaking, reading, listening, and writing tasks.

Step-by-Step Curriculum Intermediate

Our newest category of B1+ lessons containing speaking, reading, listening, and writing tasks.

Speaking Activities

Practice makes perfect! Get your students talking!

Reading Activities

Texts for skimming, scanning, and finding information.

IELTS Listening

Build listening skills with audio recording and practice all question types.

IELTS Reading

Authentic reading texts and skill-building tasks.

IELTS Writing

Lessons for the Academic and General Training Modules of the writing component.

IELTS Speaking

Ready your students for the Speaking component of IELTS!

TOEFL Speaking

Ensure your students respond effectively and within the time limit!

TOEFL Listening

Authentic passages to practice all the question types.

TOEFL Writing

Hone your students’ skills for this challenging task.

TOEFL Reading

Your students must be familiar with all 10 question types!

Listening Activities

Authentic graded English to promote naturalness and fluency.

Business English

Is it in the red or in the black?


Because when your students are in Rome, they should speak like Romans…

Functional Language

Language in context and tasks to promote production!


From what you eat to where you go we've got it covered.

Adjectives & Adverbs

Adjective lesson plans for descriptors and their friends...

Conditions & Wishes

If you wish you could find lesson content for conditionals...

Nouns & Articles

Person, place, thing, idea and everything in between...

Verbs - Modals

Could you, would you, should you or must you?

Phrasal Verbs

Multiword verbs including phrasal verbs, prepositional verbs and phrasal prepositional verbs.


Below, beneath, under, underneath or on the bottom of?

Verbs - Simple

Core ESL lesson plans - from the past to the present, into the future...

Verbs - Continuous

Sometimes verb tenses are ongoing.

Letters & Sounds

Lesson plans designed to get your students grounded.

Gerunds & Infinitives

Everything your student needs to complement a verb.

Passive Constructions

But it was delivered! I had it delivered...

Relative Clauses

The relative pronouns that your student needs to create complex sentences.

Reported Speech

And she was like, OMG, and I was like, you need reported speech… Seriously!

Linking Words

Even if, only if, although, moreover, and in other words…