The Business of Philanthropy – a Free ESL Lesson Plan

For upper intermediate language students looking for a new challenge, this ESL Lesson Plan on the Business of Philanthropy offers an excellent reading activity.

This lesson plan from the Off2Class library provides a nuanced look into the world of philanthropy (e.g. charities, donations) and the business aspects that surround the industry. The lesson also includes several warm-up activities (prior to the reading text) and basic comprehension questions (after the reading text).

What is the Business of Philanthropy?

Philanthropy refers to the role of private citizens in donating time and money either through individual activities or more formalized organizations, such as foundations. In 2021, Citibank estimated that global philanthropy makes up about $2.3 trillion, just under 3% of global GDP.

Famous philanthropists include Bill and Melinda Gates, Dolly Parton and Marc Benioff. Philanthropy can come in all shapes and sizes. The business of philanthropy refers to the work taken when that giving is operationalized. This normally happens via a foundation. While these operations were set up with noble intentions, the activities of larger philanthropists can attract attention and controversy.

What Does This Lesson Include?

This lesson tells the story of a hypothetical individual named John Coulter. John chooses to spend his retirement working with education charities in Africa.

John faces the challenge of how best to help educate people in Africa. To do that, he must listen to the point of view of numerous people and constituencies

The reading activity encourages students to understand key terms that impact the sector, such as “ideals,” “civil servants” and “work-life balance.”

What Comes Next?

In conclusion, our team has done the hard work. It’s time for you to download the lesson and teach!

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