Superlative Adjectives: A Free ESL Lesson Plan Download

This free lesson plan download on superlative adjectives is a great addition to your next ESL lesson. Not only is it informative but it’s fun to teach! Keep scrolling to find out more and to locate the free lesson plan download. 

When to teach this lesson on superlative adjectives

This lesson is great for ESL students at a pre-intermediate level. Students should have prerequisite knowledge of the present simple and present continuous tenses. It is designed to teach students how to use superlative adjectives to describe things, people and objects. It is especially useful for students who are looking to expand their English vocabulary. 

What students will learn about superlative adjectives

In this lesson students will learn how to:

  • use the form of the superlative, including the irregular superlatives: best, worst and furthest. 
  • use the  + the superlative: diamond is the hardest natural material in the world.
  • use the prepositions in and of with groups and time periods: it was the most popular song of the 1980s.
  • use one of the +  superlative plural noun + preposition: it’s one of the biggest cities in Asia.

Before you teach, keep in mind: for short adjectives, we make the superlative by adding —est (shortest). For long adjectives, we make the superlative with most (most interesting).

You can download the free lesson plan below:

How will students practice throughout the lesson?

This lesson plan is packed full of engaging activities so students can practice new concepts and using vocabulary words. To warm up, you should ask students to describe pictures using their pre-existing knowledge. You can use this as a gauge to see their knowledge of superlative adjectives. To complete the warm-up, they will also work on matching sentences with images. This exercise is great because it starts to introduce students to sentences with superlative adjectives. 

In addition, you will introduce your students to more superlatives in the regular and irregular form. Then they will have the opportunity to fill in the blanks of incomplete sentences.  They will also use words and fragments to complete full sentences with superlative adjectives. 

When teaching this lesson, be sure to ask students questions and clarify concepts. Also, take your time so that students truly understand the new concepts. This lesson might take several sessions to complete if your classes are shorter in length. 

Wait, there’s more…

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