Should We Ban It? – A Free Speaking Lesson Plan

Over time, people’s opinions change. Naturally, some cultures change at a different pace than others. How do you feel about issues such as bullfighting, cigarette smoking and fossil fuels? The speaking lesson plan download titled “Should We Ban It?” is the perfect addition to your lesson library. Keep reading to find out what to expect from this fun and thought-provoking lesson and how to teach it virtually or in-person.

When should “Should We Ban It?” be used?

“Should We Ban It?” is a speaking lesson plan download aimed at adult and adolescent students with upper-intermediate proficiency levels and above. It is perfect for both individuals and groups, helping promote fluency in speaking and spark healthy discussion about individual and societal value changes over time. Keep in mind that the content of this lesson is controversial — we advise you to review the entire lesson before teaching. This lesson is inappropriate for young learners.

How to teach the “Should We Ban It?” lesson

When teaching this lesson, you must encourage your adult or adolescent student to focus on speaking. “Should We Ban It?” introduces vocabulary and presents controversial topics, in turn stimulating discourse about whether things should or should not be banned. Related images will also be helpful for context and to further prompts. Ask your students: what do you think of these issues? What are your opinions? What solutions would you recommend for the future?

These important terms and definitions will help students effectively formulate and articulate arguments and opinions to promote fluency:

  • Campaign: A connected series of operations designed to bring about a desired result
  • Lobby: A group of people who try to influence government decisions on a particular industry or issue
  • Petition: A formal written request made to an official person or organized body

You can download the lesson plan here:

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    I am about to start teaching with my first student soon! I first want to check out on your platform what’s available before I commit to a subscription. Thanks!

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    I’m Raphaël Bukuru, an EFL teacher from eastern DRC.

    I Say many thanks for availing such valuable teaching materials to us. It easies our task somehow.
    However, we’d need to get lessons on everyday conversations to help our students develop their speaking.

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      Hi Raphael, you’re very welcome! We offer 150+ free ESL lessons with our free account, including many speaking lessons on everyday conversations. You can check them out here:

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