Teaching Prepositions of Movement – Free ESL Lesson Plan

A preposition is a word that connects a noun phrase with another part of a sentence; it is usually said or written before a noun. This free ESL lesson plan covers how to use prepositions of movement and direction. Where are they going? Where are they coming from? Keep reading to find out how to help elementary level students grasp the usage of to, toward, from, and away from.

How to Teach Prepositions of Movement

This introductory lesson plan, part of a six-part series, introduces the four common prepositions of movement: to, toward, from, and away from. Remember to check the student’s understanding of destination and moving in a direction when using this lesson plan.

When should we use to, toward, from, and away from?

  • To is used to show the destination.
  • Toward is used to show in the direction of.
  • From describes the origin of an object.
  • Away from describes movement departing the origin of an object.

To help students understand these concepts, this lesson spends a substantial portion of the slides walking through various examples of prepositions of movement. Students will have plenty of opportunities to practice building sentences that include to, toward, from, and away from.

When to Teach Prepositions of Movement

“Prepositions of Movement” is a free ESL lesson plan download aimed at students with elementary levels and above. It is perfect for both individuals and groups, to help understand origin and differentiate between direction and destination.

The slides are playful and illustrated with many pictures and fun examples to keep your student engaged and motivated.

You can download the lesson plan here:

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