Have and Have Got: an ESL Lesson Plan

This lesson teaches a student how to express ownership. Have and Have Got: an ESL Lesson Plan is suitable for elementary-level students learning about simple verbs.

What Does Have and Have Got: an ESL Lesson Plan Cover?

This introductory lesson covers the use of have/ has in a positive form. It also covers the use of have got/has got as equivalents for have/ has. One example might be, “Carlos and Kim have got a new boat.” The lesson teaches students about contractions, such as “They have got a new tree.” It also explains how to combine subjects with have/has and nouns to form simple ownership statements. This might include a sentence such as, “I have a dog.”

To be clear, this lesson does not cover simple verbs on usage, the negative form, the question form or short answers. Those lessons can be found in the wider Off2Class Lesson Plan library.

What Can Teachers Expect?

Off2Class saves time for teachers. Less time preparing for lessons and more time teaching. Our team has spent years building lessons for teachers. This teacher-led lesson plan is designed using the communicative approach – perfect for teaching students online or in any screen-enabled classroom.

Exercises include the chance for students to match pictures to sentences, fill in the blanks and analyze pictures. The lesson provides students with the chance to use contractions in a sentence, such as “I have got an English Lesson this afternoon.”

What Comes Next?

In conclusion, our team has done the hard work preparing a host of lessons and content for hardworking teachers. It’s time for you to download this free ESL Lesson and teach!

Remember, if you want additional lesson plans and support, including teachers’ notes, be sure to sign-up for a free Off2Class account.

Let us know what lesson plans you would like to see in the future!

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