Adjectives Ending in -ed and -ing: A Free Lesson Plan for ESL Teachers

Knowing adjectives is such a crucial part of learning English, so of course, your students must study them. There are so many adjectives that sound and look the same so it’s hard to know where to start teaching. Teaching adjectives ending in ed and ing can be especially tough!  This is why Off2Class has designed the perfect lesson plan for teaching adjectives ending in -ed and -ing. You will be given an outline of the lesson material as well as ways to teach it to a variety of students. Continue reading to find out more tips and tricks to help you get started teaching!

Download the lesson here: 

When to teach adjectives ending in -ed and -ing

This is a great lesson to use with pre-intermediate students. Though parts of it can be used with beginner students and as a review for more advanced students. The point of this lesson is to give students the ability to differentiate between similar-looking adjectives in English. When teaching adjectives ending in –ed and –ing you will cover words like boring and bored which tend to confuse new speakers. So if you find that one of your students is struggling with adjectives this is the right lesson to teach. 


What students will learn in this lesson 

This lesson plan is interactive and engaging because it contains so many activities and opportunities for students to speak about themselves. In it, students will learn new vocabulary words as well as complete different grammar and speaking exercises. Students will also practice the pronunciation of similar-sounding and spelled words. They will fill in the blanks of sentences and practice choosing the correctly written sentences. Many students love getting the chance to make sentences with new words and in this lesson, you will prompt them to do. In all honesty, this lesson is fun for both students and teachers.

How to teach this lesson 

Now that you know more about this lesson and what students will learn in it, you are probably wondering how you can teach it effectively. One of the most important things you can do when teaching adjectives ending in –ed and –ing is allow your students to practice using them. Make sure you correct students but allow them to make mistakes and learn from them. Finally, be sure to ask your students questions about themselves. This way, they will learn to use new vocabulary correctly in conversation. 

If you want access to useful teacher notes that contain lesson prompts and questions, you should download a free Off2Class account. These notes come with each lesson and can be opened on a mobile device when teaching the lesson simultaneously on the Off2Class platform. Teaching English online has never been easier!

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  • MJS says:

    March 11, 2022 at 4:28 pm

    Free means free. If it isn’t free, please be upfront immediately. Thanks for a lesson plan but I am a volunteer tutor for ESL adults. I am not able to pay out of pocket for the teacher notes. I would have used other resources and not wasted my time had I realized sooner that you expect payment.

    • Regan says:

      March 11, 2022 at 7:44 pm

      Hey there! Teacher notes are absolutely free when you download a free account. A free Off2Class account requires NO payment info and you will get 150 free lessons with teacher notes. Check it out here:

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