Introductory Lesson Plan: A/An with Nouns

This lesson is designed for beginner English learners looking to understand how to use the articles a/an with nouns. This lesson is also good for you to use as a review of professions and related vocabulary.

When to use this lesson on a/an with nouns

This is an introductory lesson that requires students to have no prerequisite knowledge of how to use a/an with nouns. This contains fun content that you can use with individuals or groups. It is especially useful for novice learners because it contains a variety of images and activities to help them understand new vocabulary. 

You can download the lesson plan for free below:

What students will do/learn in this lesson

This lesson contains many different types of activities to help students retain new vocabulary and concepts. Students will gain an understanding of how to use a/an in different contexts. As well they will work on matching nouns, statements and complete sentences with the pictures provided. As students gain more knowledge they will make sentences using the articles and nouns provided; the pictures provide useful information that will aid students in doing so. Next, students will work on making sentences using given words. More specifically, students will learn to describe the professions of a variety of individuals. In addition to this, they will complete gap-fill exercises. Toward the end of the lesson, students will describe images of people and their actions. To conclude the lessons, you will prompt your student(s) to make their sentences about a variety of nouns. 

How to teach this lesson on a/an with nouns

This lesson may seem overwhelming to teach at first but rest assured, you will succeed. To ensure your students retain the information presented to them, follow the lesson trajectory accordingly as concepts logically build upon one another. Be sure to provide your students with examples of how to complete activities. For example, you might need to show them how to match images with words. As well, you can make your own sentences containing a/an and nouns; this can be quite helpful to English learners. It is important to note that there are often cases where students do not know some of the historical figures mentioned in the lesson, so this is a good opportunity to introduce them while speaking English. In any case, throughout this lesson you will support students with reading, writing, listening, speaking and grammar skills. All and all, this is a fun lesson and if you are enthusiastic about it then this will translate to students. 

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