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How to teach Modal Verbs – free lesson content

Need lesson content to teach modal verbs to your ESL students? You've come to the right place! We have 21 lessons designed for teaching modal verbs to your ESL students. You can find them in our Verbs-Modals category. If you haven't yet set up an account for Off2class, you can do so on our Home[...]


How to Teach May, Might, Could, Must

In English we use the Modal Verbs may, might, could, must to express probability. Off2Class has a set of six lessons ready for tutors to teach modals to their students. You can find them under our Verbs-Modals category! Here's what you'll find in the series... M7.1 - Probability-May-Might-Could - 1 In our introductory Verbs-Modals probability[...]


Teach Should and Ought To – Advisability Modals

In English, we use the modal verbs, should and ought to (and had better) to express advisability. We have three lessons covering Modal Verbs to express advisability. If you don't have an account for our lesson plan library yet, go to our Home Page to set up your account.     M4.1 - Advisability-Should -[...]


Teaching Must and Have to – Necessity Modals

In English we primarily use must and have to (and have got to) to express necessity. Off2Class has a set of 6 lessons covering the use of must, have to, have got to and need to, to express necessity. So far, we are getting some great feedback! If you don't yet have an account for our[...]

Teaching Polite Requests to Your ESL Students

Expressing polite requests is an important building block for your ESL students to achieve natural, everyday speech. This is especially important in English, where each form of request (using would, could, can, may, might) is used in a different context. Our M2.1 -Requests-Would-Could-Can-May-Might lesson, filed under our Verbs-Modals category is designed for teaching polite requests to your[...]


Teaching Can and Could – Verbs Modals Series

Teaching Can and Could to your ESL students is an important learning concept to achieve natural speech. We have 4 Verbs-Modals lessons that are designed for teaching can and could to your ESL students! In English, can and could are used to express ability (I can run quickly) and requests (Can you help me carry[...]