Verbs - Continuous


Future Perfect Continuous – Free ESL Resources!

It can be challenging to find suitable ESL teaching resources covering more advanced tenses. We have a set of ESL lesson content designed for teachers who run their own private lessons and tutorials, covering every tense. Today, we take a look at our future perfect continuous lesson content! In English, we use the future perfect continuous[...]


Past Perfect Continuous – Free ESL Resources

In English, we use the past perfect continuous to express actions in the past, while stressing a long duration. Often, the action being described was close in time to another action in the past and was interrupted by the other activity. It can also be used to express a cause and effect relationship (James is tired[...]


Present Perfect Continuous Lesson Plans!

Once your student becomes comfortable with the present perfect simple tense, we recommend tackling the present perfect continuous tense. We have a set of two lesson plans covering the present perfect continuous... ... that you can find under our Teacher tab, in the Verbs-Continuous category. They are currently free to use for any teachers that[...]


Teach the Past Continuous – Free Lesson Content

We've released a five part series of lesson content designed for you to teach the Past Continuous! The past continuous is an essential tense for ESL students to develop natural speech. For this reason we've released a set of five lesson plans that you can access here. If you haven't already, request an account for[...]


How to Teach the Present Continuous Tense

Our five part present continuous lesson series available to you. Designed for ESL tutors running their own private lessons and tutorials. Learning the present continuous tense is essential to achieve natural speech. Many intermediate ESL students can effectively express themselves using just the past, present and future simple. Yet, for natural speech, it is important[...]