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Listening Activities for Elementary A2 students

Off2Class is pleased to release our next 5 Listening Activities for Elementary A2 students: As you know, exposure to authentic graded speech in context promotes proficiency and keeps motivation high for Elementary A2 students. Listening to authentic speech is sometimes challenging, though most students are willing to listen again and again until they obtain a feel[...]


Elementary ESL Listening Activities

We've released our first 5 Elementary ESL Listening Activities! We were motivated to extend our listening actives series after the positive teacher-feedback we received from our Beginner ESL Listening Activities set (30 lessons). Each Elementary ESL Listening Activity contains multiple recordings of authentic, graded English conversation by native speakers. We generally start the lessons with a[...]


EFL Listening Activities: 5 New Lessons

Off2Class is proud to announce the release of our newest EFL Listening Activities! You can find our new EFL Listening Activities (LA026 to LA030) on our lesson library. These new teacher-led EFL Listening Activities continue to fill out our beginner-level series. They are perfect to promote naturalness and fluency with your students. Each teacher-led lesson comes[...]

Listening Activities for the Past Simple

Listening Activities for the Past Simple

Off2Class has released five teacher-led listening activities for the past simple. Perfect for teachers to promote naturalness and fluency with the past simple! To complement our 5-part Past Simple Verbs series, which focuses on grammar and form, these listening activities for the past simple assist with pronunciation, and provide authentic texts of speakers using regular and[...]


10 new teacher-led ESL listening activities

Off2Class is proud to announce the release of 10 new teacher-led ESL listening activities! It's been several weeks since we released our first ESL listening activities, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive! The positive reception with which our ESL listening activities have been met has motivated us to continue releasing more lessons. You can find our[...]


How to use our ESL Listening Activities

Off2Class has just released our first set of ESL Listening Activities, which are aimed at Beginner students. The recordings contain authentic graded English, and a variety of accents. They are designed to be led by a Teacher and are perfect for classrooms and tutorials (both online and in-person). Our first series of ten ESL Listening Activities are[...]