Complete materials to teach IELTS Reading online

Extra, Extra! Read all about it! Off2Class now has a category of lessons designed for you to teach IELTS Reading online! All students read every day. They read signs and notes, news articles and gossip columns. They scan timetables for information and browse reviews for the latest book to read, film to watch and restaurant[...]

ielts listening

How to teach IELTS Listening and Webinar

Listen up! Off2Class now has a category of lessons dedicated to IELTS Listening. Coaching a student to succeed in IELTS Listening is not solely about vocabulary and grammar. Success is determined more by the skills needed in the exam along with a familiarity with the question types that students encounter. We’ve released a group of[...]


Teach IELTS Writing – Teacher-Led Resources

Off2Class has released 14 lesson plans designed for you to teach IELTS writing. These work in conjunction with our much-used series of 13 lessons for teaching the IELTS Speaking Test. Finding teacher-led resources to teach IELTS writing can be challenging, and many students struggle with IELTS writing. Of the four IELTS competencies, writing is the[...]


The Ultimate IELTS Speaking Teacher Resources

The IELTS exam is a considerable undertaking. Candidates often have many years of English tuition behind them, and are now attempting a standardized test that often represents a personal or professional milestone. IELTS candidates primarily hope to enter institutes of higher education or to meet a requirement for immigration purposes. Whatever the reason, candidates have[...]