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ESL Teacher

The ESL Teacher Toolkit Celebrates 3 Years in March

On 15th March 2015, Off2Class went live. The ESL Teacher Toolkit is now 3 years old! After a year in beta, we launched our ESL teacher-led tool. At the time, we had 65 lessons and homework activities combined with a basic student management panel. How we’ve grown Since that time, we’ve grown to 700 lessons[...]

online ESL marketplace

How to compete in the online ESL marketplace

The online ESL marketplace is crowded and has low barriers to entry. Every day it seems that there are more entrants in the busy world of online ESL lessons! Take a look at this list to see the ever-growing pool of companies in the space. Not to mention that there's little need to be a[...]

International Student Enrolments

ESL Placement Test for International Student Enrolments

International student enrolments at private K12 schools are increasing Private schools in English-speaking countries are seeing increased international student enrolments. Recently, the Australian Department of Education and Training reported a 13% increase in international student enrolments in November 2017 compared to November 2016. Increased international enrolments at private schools are due to several key factors:[...]

screen sharing for online ESL

The End of Screen Sharing for Online ESL

Screen sharing for online ESL Lessons has been a mainstay of teaching online for many years... And we should know! Our team here has been teaching ESL online, in one form or another, since 2012. We even launched an online ESL school that gave us the inspiration for Off2Class. Through our work, we've come into[...]

Controversial ESL Topics

Controversial ESL Topics: For Your Classroom

Controversial ESL topics to promote fluency and motivation in your ESL classroom Have you wanted to add a bit of spice to your speaking skills lessons? Have your students ever asked for something a little more exciting to talk about? Off2Class has speaking skills lesson covering controversial ESL topics. These new lessons are designed to[...]

Environmental Lessons for ESL Students

Environmental Lessons for ESL Students

Our latest two Environmental Lessons for ESL Students: Environmental Law and Environmental Activism round out the series that tackles our planet’s most urgent issues. Environmental Lessons for ESL students are increasingly important in any curriculum. We know that every forward-thinking ESL educator includes content about environmental issues in their curriculum. Below, please find a overview[...]

esl student improvement

ESL Student Improvement: Measurement and Reward

The importance of measuring ESL student improvement to maintain motivation As teachers, we all know that if we've been working with the same students for a period, motivation can lag. The student's familiarity with the learning relationship can create a perception that improvement has stagnated. This perception can lead to a loss of motivation, and the[...]

future continuous tense

How to teach the future continuous tense to ESL students

The future continuous tense is not a hard form to teach... ...yet it can be challenging for students to use it. We recommend introducing the future continuous tense when your students feel comfortable using the present continuous for actions in progress at the time of speaking. Additionally, it's best to wait to introduce the tense[...]

Plan an ESL Course

How to Plan an ESL Course: If you’ve never done it before

Welcome to 2018! Many of us may need to Plan an ESL Course this semester... The call to Plan an ESL course will be an easy task for some of us. We can use past courses we've planned as a starting point or perhaps use an existing plan and adapt it. Yet, for many of[...]

TOEFL and IELTS Environmental Topics

TOEFL and IELTS Environmental Topics: What to know

If you are teaching students who intend to sit TOEFL or IELTS, you will need to teach the format of the test. For example, candidates need a strategy to recognize and answer Reference Questions in TOEFL and  Matching Heading Questions in IELTS. However, while it’s vital to focus on question-type strategy, you should ensure your students are comfortable[...]

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