ESL Teacher Video Tutorials

We've crafted a series of training videos to get you moving.
Start here to get a full picture of the different features of our ESL Teacher Toolkit.

Video 1: Getting Started - Site Basics and Overview
Learn the basics of the platform layout to navigate around the site with ease. We walk you through the resources available to you as well as your personal home 'My Off2Class'.

Video 2: Adjusting Your Teacher Profile Settings
Learn how to adjust your Teacher profile settings. Adjust your email notifications and set up your videoconference link for online lessons.

Video 3: Assigning the Placement Test
We recommend assigning our placement test to students as a first step to teaching them on the platform. Learn how to assign the test to an 'existing' or a 'prospective' in 2 simple steps.

Video 4: Reviewing Student Placement Test Results
Learn how to access your student's placement test results. We'll show you where to locate their Gap Analysis and Individual Learning Plan as well as how to share the results with them and print an Achievement Certificate to keep them motivated.

Video 5: Customizing Student Learning Plans
Once your students sit our placement test we produce their Individual Learning Plan - designed for you to target their ESL Gaps. Learn how to customize your students' Learning Plan to better match their learning objectives.

Video 6: Adding Students to Your Teacher Account
We walk you through the steps to register a student to your teacher account.

Video 7: Classroom Basics and Overview
We provide an overview of the key tools available to you in our classroom including our popular Canvas - which allows you to build your own content to complement our lessons.

Video 8: Teaching Lessons Online Zoom with Zoom
Learn how to teach a lesson online using as your videoconferencing software.

Video 9: Teaching Lessons Online with Skype
Learn how to teach a lesson online using Skype as your videoconferencing software.

Video 10: Teaching In-Person Lessons Using Multiple Devices
Learn how to teach in-person (i.e. in a classroom or a face-to-face tutorial) while having your students follow your lessons from their own internet-connected device. Great if you'd like your students to interact with your lessons in real-time.

Video 11: Teaching In-Person Lessons Sharing a Single Device
Learn how to teach in-person (i.e. in a classroom or a face-to-face tutorial) while sharing your lesson from your device. Great if your students don't have their own devices to follow your lessons.

Video 12: Teaching Group Lessons
Learn how to enroll multiple students to your classroom for group lessons.

Video 13: Saving Notes on your Students
Learn how to save notes on your students during your lessons and where to access and edit your student notes after class.

Video 14: Assigning Homework to Students
Learn how to assign homework that directly follows on from the lesson you've taught.

Video 15: Reviewing Homework Assignments
Learn how to review your student's homework, add personal feedback and mark an assignment as 'reviewed'.

Video 16: Playing Games with Students
Learn how to play live ESL Games with your students as an informal assessment of the lessons you've taught them.

Video 17: Managing a Student's Account Settings
Learn how to adjust a student's account settings and set their account to 'inactive' if they stop learning with you.

Video 18: Troubleshooting and Resolving Student Issues
We walk you through some troubleshooting tactics to use when your students are having issues using the platform.