How do I teach in a classroom?

Please Note: If you’d like to disable the classroom chat for your classroom lessons you can do son your profile settings.

Multi-device / Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach: Your students can join your lessons and interact with the content from their own device. When you launch a lesson be sure to Enroll your students. When your students log in to Off2Class they’ll be prompted to ‘Join Lesson’ – green button in the top left of their panel. When they press this button they’ll get taken into your lesson: 

teaching lessonsslide2-formatted

Single-device approach: You can project your laptop or tablet using a projector, TV screen or Smartboard. Once you’re projecting hide your Teacher Notes by using the Full-Screen button on the top right of the classroom (this pops up the notes as a separate window – close the pop up) and load the Teacher Notes on your smartphone. To load the Teacher Notes on your smartphone, use your smartphone’s browser to login to Off2Class (same login credentials) and you’ll be prompted to ‘track your active classroom’s teacher notes’.