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ESL Placement Test Certificates

Printable ESL Placement Test Certificates

You can print ESL Placement Test Certificates for your students on Off2Class! We've added printable ESL Placement Test Certificates so that you can motivate your students to learn with you. Each student's placement test produces a result based on the CEFR. Pro users can now create a branded certificate displaying the CEFR level and your[...]

Speaking Activities about Crime and Punishment

Advanced Speaking Activities about Crime and Punishment

We've been inspired to release 5 new Advanced Speaking Activities about Crime and Punishment! Anyone who enjoys a good film or TV series will know that the last decade has seen the rise of Scandinavian noir. The Danish series The Killing was made into an equally successfully US production. The Swedish-Danish co-production The Bridge was[...]

Upper Intermediate Students

Five new Speaking Lessons for your Upper Intermediate students

Many students who reach higher levels of proficiency are often heading toward a standardized test such as IELTS or TOEFL. All major standardized tests consist of a speaking component. As such, it’s vital that Upper Intermediate students learn to talk on a wide variety of issues. When choosing topics for Off2Class Speaking Lessons, we include[...]

new esl speaking activities-release

New ESL Speaking Activities Release Intermediate

Four new Speaking Lessons for your Intermediate students. As summer approaches fast for many of us, students often want less intensive lessons. The more the sun shines, the less students are inclined to undertake a new grammar point. As the teacher, you might find yourself needing mostly lessons that promote fluency rather than introducing new[...]

build trust with your ESL students

How to Build Trust with Your ESL Students – Webinar

Welcome to the second Off2Class webinar of 2017! For this edition, we've invited Chris Rush from Better Business English to coach you on how to build trust with your ESL students. Why is is it important for you to build trust with your ESL students? Think of trust as the key ingredient. It will allow you[...]

Off2Class ESL Placement Test

Off2Class ESL Placement Test V2.0 is ready!

We're proud to announce that the Off2Class ESL Placement Test V2.0 is ready for you to assign to your students!  We've taken the existing grammar-based Off2Class ESL Placement test (V1.0) and added Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking assessments to the tool. Now when you press 'Assign Test' on our Placement Test page, you'll have the[...]

Speaking Lessons for Intermediate Students

Four new Speaking Lessons for Intermediate Students

Here at Off2Class we often receive requests from teachers in our community regarding topics for Speaking Lessons. We’re pleased to announce four more Speaking Lessons for Intermediate students, all asked for by our users – thank you, Trisha, John, Arda, and Simon! We hope that you enjoy these new Speaking Lessons for Intermediate Students, and feel[...]

Step-By-Step Guide to Teaching IELTS

Step-By-Step Guide to Teaching IELTS: Webinar

Welcome to the latest Off2Class webinar! This week, Matt Thompson for Smart Online Tutoring has provided us with his Step-by-Step Guide to Teaching IELTS.  Often, when we're trying to take a new direction in our professional practices, we can get discouraged by the immensity of the task. This daunting feeling certainly exists for teachers considering[...]

Off2Class ESL Content

Off2Class ESL Content Turns Two Years Old!

Off2Class ESL Content has turned two years old and our dream is closer to reality. Many of you have been with us since Off2Class was in its testing phase, and we want to thank you for sticking around as we have grown. It’s a great journey. We are a true online company, serving teachers and[...]

advanced learner speaking activities

Advanced Learner Speaking Activities – ESL Lesson Content

Our most recent Advanced Learner Speaking Activities have been so heavily used by Off2Class teachers that we decided to release a few more for this proficiency level. These Advanced Learner Speaking Activities include warm-ups to get your students thinking about the topic, whether it be via images, some short statements, or a small reading activity. Then[...]