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A new Off2Class is Here!

Welcome to 2017! We are excited to announce that the New Year brings a new Off2Class! Our 'Live Mode' classroom is now available for all teachers and students on Off2Class. This interactive classroom allows you and your students to manipulate and edit the Off2Class lesson content library during your lessons. This is a game changer[...]

onboard new ESL students

10 practical tips on how to onboard new ESL students in 2017

This week we are very happy to welcome Cecilia Nobre to the Off2Class blog! Cecilia is an avid ELT blogger, online teacher, and runs several online teacher communities in Brazil. It's a new year and we all need some inspiration to get moving after the holiday slowdown. Cecilia's going to share her tips to onboard new[...]

teach quantifiers and determiners

How to teach quantifiers and determiners

Welcome to 2017! We’ve added five lessons to help you teach quantifiers and determiners to your pre-intermediate students. When you teach quantifiers and determiners it is generally rewarding because it makes students feel as though they are leaving behind those annoying ‘Tarzan-like’ qualities of their English and gaining further naturalness. While some determiners, like the definite[...]

trial ESL lesson

How to Give a Great Trial ESL Lesson – Webinar

Welcome to the final Off2Class webinar of 2016! For this addition, we've invited Chris Rush from Better Business English to coach us on how to deliver successful trial ESL lessons. Providing a trial ESL lesson is an inevitable part of teaching ESL independently. The typical conversion funnel for obtaining a new ESL student looks something like[...]

ESL Teaching Niche

Building Your ESL Teaching Niche: Interview – Lou Page

Meet Lou Page! Lou is an ESL teacher with 40 years of experience in Papua New Guinea and Australia. Lou tells us his fascinating story of building an ESL teaching niche for his latest project - La San English - in Vietnam. Focusing on a niche (i.e. a specific type of ESL student) allows us to[...]

possessive, reflexive and reciprocal pronouns

How to teach possessive, reflexive and reciprocal pronouns

Off2Class is pleased to announce the addition of three lessons to our ESL content library, covering possessive pronouns, reflexive pronouns and reciprocal pronouns. Most teachers cover subject and object pronouns quickly, and rightly so. Students often already have a grasp of them even without a teacher-led lesson. However, as a student progresses, an understanding of[...]

'live mode' classroom

Off2Class 2.0 – ‘Live Mode’ Classroom is Here!

We're thrilled to announce that Off2Class 2.0 is here! Our new 'live mode' classroom has been rolled out to our beta testing group and we're excited to tell you all about it! We're calling our new classroom 'Live Mode' as you can now edit and interact with our content live, with your students. All existing[...]

Online Teacher Story: Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

This week in our freelance ESL teacher profile we have co-founder of Off2Class, James Heywood. James started teaching online four years ago. He found it challenging to live a healthy lifestyle while teaching online. Hours behind a computer started to take their toll. Take it away James! When you read about online teaching, most articles focus[...]

ESL Teacherpreneur

ESL Teacherpreneur Stories – Teryn and Dan

Welcome to the 7th installment of our ESL Teacherpreneur series! This is where we highlight teachers from the Off2Class community who have branched away from classroom teaching. This week we'd like to highlight Teryn Brafford and Dan Conerd - each an ESL Teacherpreneur in Thailand via New Zeland. They've started an exciting teacher collective called My English Teachers. Get[...]

How to Teach IELTS Reading

How to Teach IELTS Reading: Webinar

James Heywood (head of content) from Off2Class recently delivered a webinar on how to teach IELTS Reading. This is our second competency-specific IELTS webinar sessions. Each of these webinars will provide an in-depth review for each of the IELTS competencies.  If you'd like a general overview of the IELTS exam, before jumping into how to teach[...]