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How to find students on italki

We've hosted a number of articles and webinars with a theme on growing an online ESL teaching business. Recently, we've explored how to grow by leveraging the popular tutor marketplace: italki. Today, I would like to consolidate a number of these pieces into our definitive guide on how to find students on italki!  For those of you[...]


Asking for and giving directions ESL lesson plans

Need some direction to teach directions? We've added our first asking for and giving directions ESL lesson plans! Our asking for and giving directions lessons are loaded with images and our own, beautiful town map oozing with color and detail. In the imaginary town of Sherbourne, your student will learn to explain static locations with[...]


Travel English Lesson Plans – Ready to Teach

Our beautiful, bright and colourful travel English lesson plans have been so well received that we have released a few more. Just a week after we released the initial five lessons in our Functional Language Category, we've received a lot of positive feedback and requests for more lessons. Our Functional Language lessons contain no explicit grammar[...]


Functional Language Lessons with Tasks

Off2Class has released bright, colorful vacation-themed functional language lessons to get your students talking. Our newest category: Functional Language lessons contain no explicit grammar and focus on language in context which leads to tasks to promote the target language. Our first five lessons in the series will help students to talk about vacation time and[...]


Being an Online ESL Teacher: What I love!

I have done many things in my life but few have been as rewarding as being an online ESL teacher. Watching my students blossom to the point where they can carry on entire conversations in English is something special. I was raised in China with an American mother and a Canadian father and grew up[...]


How to get Online students: 30 students in 30 days

Welcome to the 6th instalment of our Entrepreneurial ESL Teacher Story series where we highlight teachers from the Off2Class community that are growing their own independent teaching businesses. Today, Chris Rush who has been teaching Business English online since 2012 at Better Business English is going to share his story of how to get online students[...]


Create Content for Online ESL Lessons – Webinar

Off2Class recently held a Professional Development Session for the itaki teacher community covering "How to Create Content for Online ESL Lessons". The webinar session was very well received by a group of online ESL Teachers from various corners of the world. In the session (James Heywood - Head of ESL Content Development for Off2Class) shared his strategies[...]


Why online ESL teachers lose students

When I started as an online ESL teacher the concept of online teaching was still relatively nascent.  There were not so many easy to find resources available for figuring out what worked and what didn’t for other online ESL teachers. Most of my professional development as an online ESL teacher was primarily done through trial[...]


5 New Advanced ESL Reading Activities

We've released five new Advanced ESL Reading Activities for your students! For our first Advanced ESL Reading Activities we’ve chosen topics that we know will motivate your students! Each lesson contains some pre-reading discussion questions, followed by articles written in different styles. The articles contain a small glossary that assists while reading the text, and[...]


Advanced ESL Speaking Activities

One of the challenges of teaching Advanced Students is to maintain motivation. Mundane topics that deal with the everyday aspects of life are fine at lower levels of proficiency, when vocabulary might still be limited, but an Advanced Learner, especially an adult, is less likely to enjoy a lesson on What I did on my[...]