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Lesson content to Teach ESL Online (part 2)

In our previous Teach ESL online post we show you how to prepare and launch our lesson content for your private ESL lessons. In this post we  focus on how to teach it. We have released a set of 75 (and expanding) lesson plans designed for ESL teachers to run their own private lessons and[...]


Lesson content to teach ESL online (part 1)

We've been releasing lesson content designed for ESL teachers to run their own private lessons. In this two-part post we will show you how our content will save you hours in prep time. For this post we will use our Ed-Ing-1 lesson plan. Our Ed-Ing lesson plan is designed to teach students the difference between[...]


Teach the Past Continuous – Free Lesson Content

We've released a five part series of lesson content designed for you to teach the Past Continuous! The past continuous is an essential tense for ESL students to develop natural speech. For this reason we've released a set of five lesson plans that you can access here. If you haven't already, request an account for[...]


Teaching English Online – Our How To Guide

In our new Teaching English Online series we aim to help ESL teachers earn independent income. Welcome teachers! If you want to earn independent income, one of the best strategies is to go online. James Heywood (co-founder of off2class) has been teaching students online via a business called TurksLearnEnglish and has found it to be[...]


How to Teach the Present Continuous Tense

Our five part present continuous lesson series available to you. Designed for ESL tutors running their own private lessons and tutorials. Learning the present continuous tense is essential to achieve natural speech. Many intermediate ESL students can effectively express themselves using just the past, present and future simple. Yet, for natural speech, it is important[...]

How to create content for private ESL lessons

Dear Teachers! The following is an excerpt from a guest post we did a couple months back for the mighty ELT Jam covering the building of content for private ESL lessons. The original article can be found here. Over the past seven years, we (founders of Off2Class) have been teaching private ESL lessons in several[...]


Phonics lesson plans: new series

We've released a new set of phonics lesson plans called letters & sounds. As ESL teachers, we all know the importance of reinforcing correct pronunciation. We've all seen intermediate or advanced students with strong grammar yet their pronunciation is still causing communication challenges. For ESL beginners, learning how to spell and pronounce words correctly is[...]


Vocabulary Lesson Plans: our methodology

How to use our vocabulary lesson plans for your private ESL lessons and tutorials! Teaching vocabulary to ESL students can take many different forms. From older methods of memorizing words through repetition to new and creative multimedia apps such as Flocabulary, there are a world of possibilities. Many ESL students and teachers treat vocabulary as[...]

present simple

Lesson Plan Series: Present Simple

Present Simple lesson plans: five plans for you to run your private EFL lessons. As EFL teachers, we know the importance of students mastering the present simple. If our students do not master the tense, bad habits can persist for years. These habits also have implications when learning other tenses. It is not uncommon to[...]


Lesson Plan Series: Opposite Adjectives

Opposite adjectives: our three part lesson plan series. In this post we would like to highlight a lesson plan series designed to teach students vocabulary around opposite adjectives. We've found that vocabulary focused lessons can be an enjoyable change of pace after a series of  grammar focused lessons. We like teaching opposite adjectives because learning[...]