Off2Class combines interactive ESL lesson content with the power of a student management system. Designed for you to do what you do best: teach ESL!


    A vast number of teacher-led ESL Lesson Plans.
    Each lesson contains Teacher Notes to prompt, coach and inspire you as you progress through the content.
    ESL Lesson Library Preview
    An interactive teaching experience. You and Your Students can annotate and edit our lessons in real time.
    No two lessons will ever be the same again!

    Between lessons, your students can review their Lesson Summaries and complete comprehensive Post-lesson Activities.
    ESL Homework Preview
    Use the Off2Class ESL Placement Test to generate your student's Gap Analysis and Individual Learning Plan, based on our Lesson Library. Perfect for sending to new and prospective students too!
    ESL Placement Test Results Preview
    Need a whiteboard to explain something quickly? Or a place to store your favorite content when teaching a particular lesson? Save your canvases for future use and send them to students after class!
    ESL Canvas Preview

    Bring your ESL tutorials alive with our lessons loaded on your laptop or tablet.
    Track each lesson’s Teacher Notes on a secondary device. Perfect for the mobile ESL tutor!
    In-person ESL Lessons
    Use Off2Class seamlessly with the videoconferencing system of your choice. Embed your Zoom and GoToMeeting links for one-click joining!

    Online ESL Lessons
    Use a Bring Your Own Device approach and a TV, IWB or Projector to create the connected ESL classroom environment of the future!
    ESL Classrooms
    We’ve made it simple for students! Whatever the internet-connected device, students log in to complete Homework, review Lesson Summaries and track Progress.

    ESL Mobile Learning

  • "As a 'teacherpreneur' I offer both in-person and online ESL lessons. Off2Class provides a fully blended ESL content solution. Whether I'm teaching in-person or online I've got my lesson content and student management at my fingertips."
    ESL Teacher - Tina Antoniades Tina Antoniades - Freelance ESL Teacher
  • "Blyth Academy has been seeing an increased interest from international students. Off2Class has been a fantastic tool to help expand our ESL offering."
    ESL Teacher - Frances Hatcher, Vice President Academics Frances Hatcher, Vice President Academics - Blyth Academy
  • "Off2Class helps students gain tech literacy and autonomy through online learning tools that they can take with them when they leave our program."
    ESL Teacher - Becca Reed, ESOL Services Coordinator Becca Reed, ESOL Services Coordinator - CARECEN
  • "My team provides one-2-one and group classes on our premises, at our clients' and online. It has been great to be able to use Off2Class in all of these settings. I can share my screen for online lessons or project the lessons from my computer in conference rooms at my clients' premises!"
    ESL Teacher - Tanya Hoover, President Tanya Hoover, President - Midwest Language Services LLC
  • "Off2class provides support to my English language learners by generating Differentiated Learning Plans tailored to their needs."
    ESL Teacher - Darren Chase, Teacher Darren Chase, Teacher - New Design High School
  • "We've been working with the Off2Class team since the early days of our school. The ESL Lesson Content and student portal for completing homework and reviewing lesson summaries has really made an impact on our students' learning. The lesson library provides grammar and vocabulary input that fits directly into Fluentbe's communicative approach."
    ESL Teacher - Daria Domagala, Head Teacher Daria Domagala, Head Teacher - FluentBe
  • "We use Off2class as the core part of our curriculum for morning classes which focus on listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar."
    ESL Teacher - Dale Lockhart, Director of Studies Dale Lockhart, Director of Studies - IGK
  • "I started as an ESL teacher in 2014 via Italki, Verbling and my own private students. Initially, I used paper lesson plans. Since I started with Off2class I cannot believe how many new students I've attracted. Off2Class cuts my preparation time which means I can focus on taking new students. The Off2Class Placement Test gives me a personalized plan each time I take on a new student. I will continue to use Off2class for many years to come!"
    ESL Teacher - Sharon Hadlow Sharon Hadlow - Online ESL Teacher